Heroes Birthday Party For 15 Year old boy

by admin on November 7, 2012

Heroes Birthday Party Costumes

Each person attending the birthday party should dress up as their hero. There will however be a LIMIT to each category with a drawing for each.

For example: Video Game characters, Book Characters, Comic/Super Hero characters, Movie Characters, Presidents, Family Members, Historical Figures.

Other categories can be added and based on cross tying characters such as comic/super and movie characters some exceptions would be allowed. After all the friends are assigned to a costume section they will talk amongst themselves so there are no repeats..

Heroes Birthday Party Games:

The heroes party is for a guy so some of the games will include video game tournaments of whatever. League of Legends, Call of duty, Halo, Battlefield etc.. Also traditional fun interactive games such as Texas Hold em, Guestures etc.. for some laughs.

Since I know girls would be attending the party as well we’ll throw in some fun for them as well… Anyone who showed up OUT of costume gives the girls a chance to make over the boys (or girls) who come out of costume.. What’s this mean?

Basically they get to Make over boys into girls or girls into boys or whatever embarrassing thing they want. Laughs for all except the person who showed up without a costume :).

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Dancing is a must if its a coed kind of party. Guys and girls both love to be close to each other in such ways. Just keep an eye on things as dancing these days consist of girls rubbing their butts on the boys crotches. Sad way of the future I’m afraid. Try to stay away from movies unless its an ‘after party’ thing like as a group activity.

Movies kind of kill the community gathering thing because everyone is quiet watching a screen. This can be argued with games as well, but usually trash talk and such in between games gives everyone time to have fun as opposed to a movie which is an hour and a half to two hours of just sitting there being quiet. Great thing, but save it for later.

If you have a pool, a pool party is also nice to have going on as well. What 15 year old boy doesn’t want to toggle fellow classmates in their bathing suits and vice versa. Hormones are going crazy at this age so let them look some :) Some time during the party each guest of the party should introduce themselves explain a short description about their character.


Not only will this be good for some who don’t know who others are, but it will also educate them on some characters and push people to perhaps read a book about someone, or do more research on a historical person.

If someone drafted someone out of the family section maybe they will learn something new about them. Knowledge is key in that exercise and the hopes to spread it.

For food skip lame snacks. Go with the traditional cake/ice cream, but step it up a notch and have a cook out. Its a bit more expensive, but burgers, hot dogs, steak, chicken are much better than nachos and such.

Submitted by Rico – Wisconsin

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