Hockey Birthday Party Theme

by admin on October 8, 2012

Planning Hockey Birthday Party Theme

Hockey is a great game liked especially by boys. If you want to celebrate you son’s birthday, hockey theme birthday party is best for it. So, if you have decided the hockey theme for the party then it’s time for purchasing the party supplies and for the arrangements.

First of all purchase the supplies for the meal, the plates with hockey made on it and the cups for the cold drinks. Spoons and fork of red color matches the theme. The most important thing in a birthday party is the decoration of the party area. Balloons cannot be ignored when decorating a birthday party.

Hockey Birthday Party Decorations

Take the balloons of blue and red colors and decorate the entire place. You can paste the pictures of cartoon characters playing hockey and if a person is artistic then he can also paint kids playing hockey on the wall. The colors that is perfect for the hockey themed party is white, red and blue. Other than blue, you can decorate the whole place with green and yellow color.

hockey birthday party

If a person wants to set a centerpiece then a mini hockey cascade centerpiece is perfect. For tables, hockey table covers made of plastic are available in the market. Hockey foil balloons are great for decoration purpose. Red and blue colored crepe paper can also be used for decoration.

Hockey Birthday Party Cakes:

Here is a great idea for the cake, that you can order a cake like a shirt of a player of hockey. This design of cake is very easy that it can be easily prepared at home also. Bake a cake of square shape and put white cream all over it.
Take cream of three different colors use them to make neck. Make stripes with these colors on the neck line on one side and then make stripes on the opposite side so, that it looks like a shirt of a player. Write the number in the center and also on the sides of the cake to make it look like sleeves of the shirt.

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Hockey Birthday Party Favors

You can give hockey shirt shaped cookies to all the guests. Hockey shaped pencils and hockey stickers can also be added in the favor baskets.Ready-made baskets can be purchased from the stores and these can also be ordered with the favors of choice like the whistle and hockey puck stress ball. The favor baskets are inexpensive.


Try to give the favors that the guests love to take home with them like a trophy. Arrange a small space outside the home, in a lawn for the kids so that they can play hockey there and give all the kids trophies to make them feel special. Hockey puck match and bingo games with NFL team logos to the fill the squares can be played at the party. You can order a Stanley cup cake for a hockey birthday party.

Invitations like hockey puck stress ball are too good that perfectly suits the theme. The invitation shows the theme of the party.

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