Hollywood birthday party theme

by admin on October 4, 2012

Hollywood birthday party theme

For a birthday party, there should be some unique theme. There are many themes on which a birthday party can be arranged but the most important decision is to choose the right one.

A superb party can be arranged on Hollywood birthday party theme. For the preparation, one should plan ahead. A list of supplies should be prepared first so, that a person don’t have to face any difficulty while purchasing the items.

The most important thing in a Hollywood themed party is to make the guests feel like they are stars or celebrities. The entrance door should be properly decorated with the V.I.P welcome banner.

The main thing that the guests notice is the decoration of the party; it should be attractive and eye catching. The centerpiece should be related to the theme which is placed on the table to set the atmosphere. The centerpiece can be decorated with wine or flowers to give it a look of Hollywood style.

Invite the guests and tell them to come dressed up like their favorite Hollywood star and the girls can make-up like their favorite celebrity. A red carpet can be placed on which the guests walk when they arrive at the party. The entire place can be filled with the balloons and a person can also set a stage.

Games are best for entertaining. Different new or old movie themed games can be played to have fun like the Name that movie song tune game.


The supplies used for the party like plates, cups or napkins should all be Hollywood themed. Movie studio lights and light, camera, action plates are available at the stores which are perfect for the Hollywood birthday party theme. There are many events in the Hollywood that can be set as a theme like the award show or diva dinner.

Black, white red and golden colors can be used in a Hollywood themed party. The colors can be decided for the party after deciding the Hollywood event on which a person wants theme the birthday party. If the budget allows then a person can arrange a styling station from which the guests can get the jewelry or colored hair extensions. Guests can be given favors at the end of the party.

A Hollywood birthday party theme favors can be autograph diaries, pens or V.I.P trophies. Cake is the main thing in a birthday party so; it should be the perfect one according to the theme. Bakeries prepare the cake on order as the customer desires. Cupcakes can also be ordered.

hollywood birthday party

Hollywood premier party is another fantastic idea for movie themed party. In a girl birthday party, the favors can be lipstick, makeup or body glitters. Try a Hollywood theme party, everyone will surely enjoy it.

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