Hot Air Balloon Birthday Theme

by admin on December 23, 2012

Hot Air Balloon Birthday Theme – Design, Decorations and Supplies

– Not many children will remember “Around the World in 80 Days,” but some parents will remember it as being one of the first times they saw a hot air balloon in a movie or read about it in a book.

Hot air balloons are still popular and fun transportation devices. They also make interesting party themes about traveling and flying through the air. Some kids simply love balloons period and the thought of flying in a basket underneath one is thrilling.

Hot Air Balloon Birthday Theme Decorations Ideas

When deciding on making hot air balloons the theme of a child’s birthday party always start looking for bright vibrant colors.

Finding a large basket and tying brightly colored balloons all around it makes a great decoration to put at the party entrance. can start parents out with printable labels and invitations decked out in hot air balloons. There are also banners and food labels for the more specific party planning.

Make cupcakes and decorate them as baskets. Put a candle or straw in each cupcake and then tie a balloon to the end creating a cupcake hot air balloon. This is a good idea as well for a centerpiece if the idea of so many individual cupcakes and balloons is a daunting one.

You can take a look at this pictures for ideas:

Hot Air Balloon Birthday Theme

Hot Air Balloon Cupcake farm8 staticflickr com/7171/6633074165_f274e69879_b_d jpg pic 1

Hot Air Balloon Cupcake blowoutparty com/blog/hot-air-balloon-party-decor jpg pic 2

Hot Air Balloon Cupcake with toothpicks and candy media tumblr com/tumblr_lmgjidGHZj1qcdfkto1_500 jpg pic 3

Hot air balloon 3D cake topper for birthday cake etsystatic com/003/0/6583196/il_fullxfull 361157394_5p3c jpg pic 4

However one chooses to use balloons is up to them, but make certain they are everywhere as they are the center of the theme. Tie them to the back of chairs, have them floating in doorways and attached to ceilings.

The cake should reflect the theme and if a parent is making a cake for their child, adding a balloon on top of a straw or chop stick and creating some kind of basket to top the cake is a great idea that is similar to how one could design cupcakes. For those looking for something simpler, drawing a hot air balloon in icing is a great idea as well.

Hot Air Balloon birthday quotes

Hot Air Balloon Birthday Theme Favors and Games

For party favors parents might want to send home sugar cookies that are cut in the shape of hot air balloons. The base is decorated in a crisscross pattern of brown or yellow icing and then the balloon shapes itself basically. Choose the favorite color of the birthday boy or girl for the favors as well. Sometimes little fun bags with assorted candy and hot air balloon stickers would also work.

For entertainment clowns might not be best here as that is a theme unto itself. Think more along the lines of face painters for this type of party. They can paint balloons on the children’s faces and add a special touch to the party. Music should be light and fun and even a game of musical chairs with balloons painted on the back or tied to them would be a lot of fun.

Theme Highlights:

  • Use lots of vibrant balloons decorations for the chair, entry and in the room
  • Hot air balloons icing for cupcake or homemade cookies as a party favors
  • 3D hot air balloon from paper for cupcake toppers
  • Hot air balloon with baskets full of cookies and candy for centerpieces

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This party theme isn’t really hard to throw together. Just taking time to make certain color schemes are vibrant, napkins and place settings match, and to include balloons throughout the house or party area is a must. No party is a guaranteed success but it’s hard to go wrong with hot air balloons since kids love balloons and parties equally.

Hot Air Balloon Birthday Pictures on Pinterest

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