How to Have a Summer Birthday Party for teens

by admin on May 8, 2013

There are several great things to do in the summer! However, sometimes for your birthday you may feel like everyone has already done everything. Here are some ideas to get you starting planning a legendary birthday party!

1. Create your guest list- This depends on where you live, what you budget is, and what kind of party you want it to be. If you live near the beach, it would be nice to go on the best and have many friends gone (about twenty to fifty for a large party). If you do not want anything big and would rather have a small gathering, invite around ten people. Write down all your friends, then mark who will or might cause trouble or get annoyed after a few hours. Do not let anyone ruin your day!

2. Decide on the details- Where will your party be? When will your party be? Decide on if you want your party on the beach, in your back yard, at a restaurant, whatever you think would be nice and fun. Are you going to be hosting your party all day? Think about the times the party will be and how long it will last. In addition, think about if you want the party during the day or at night.

3. Buy or make your invitations- buying your invitations is a lot easier and not as time consuming as making them. Therefore, think about if you are going to have the time to make them and send them out in time for your birthday. Write details about your party such as, when, where, RSVP, the theme, and any drinks or food. Also, include anything your guests will need to bring such as towels, extra clothes, etc.

How to Have a Summer Birthday Party for teens

4. Do you want decorations? – This depends on where your party is, however if it is somewhere where you can place decorations, keep them somewhat minimal. Just let people know the party is there.

5. Your party food and drinks- match the food and drinks to the theme of you party. Be sure to ask everyone of any allergies

6. Decide on the attire- is your party doing to be fancy, retro, modern, hillbilly, etc. Be sure that your guests are aware of the dress code; you do not want anyone feeling out-of-place.

7. Make it unique! – If you are having your party outside, have a bonfire and roast marshmallows. If you are having a daytime party, arrange for everyone to have surfing lessons! Do something that you think no one has ever done before.

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