How to Plan a Winter Birthday Party for a Teen

by admin on October 4, 2013

Do not let winter ruin your teenagers’ birthday! If he or she does not like the winter season, their birthday can be a huge drag. Here are some fun ideas to make your teen happy with their party arrangements!

1. Decide whom to invite- Unlike a child’s birthday party; teenagers’ parties are more gender versatile, meaning they will most likely invite girls and boys. Discuss with your teen the amount of guests he or she would like to have. Most teens incite one to ten people.

2. The venue is next- Rent out the area ahead of time if it is known to be busy. Some indoor ideas:
• Bowling
• Party at your house
• The mall
• Indoor swimming
• The arcade
• The teenagers favorite restaurant
• The salon
• A movie theatre
• The art gallery
• Ice skating
• Skiing
• A dance place
• Indoor amusement park

How to Plan a Winter Birthday Party for a Teen

3. The invitations are very important!- Now days teens will text, call, email, or message their friends to incite them to a party. For more excitement and fun, have your teen print them off and deliver them in person! The invitations should have written on them when the party is, where it is at, whom the party is for, when to RSVP by, what time the party is, what the theme is or what everyone will be doing, what they need to bring- ex: change of clothes, gloves, jacket, boots, swimsuit, pajamas, toothbrush, etc.

4. Themes- Have your teen asks his or her friends what they would like to do. Do not plan the whole party (unless it is a surprise party) without your teens’ input. Have you teen think about his or her likes and interests:
• Have an art party
• Have a winter wonderland party (outdoors party)
• A cake boss party where you make all different sizes, shapes and flavors of cakes
• Dance party
• Scavenger hunt
• “wishing it were summer”
• Movie party
• Cooking party
• Slumber party (girls only)
• TV show themed party
• Mystery party
• Game party

5. The party food- make either your own food, or you can buy it. IF the party falls around mealtime, be sure to provide fulfilling meals as well as snacks. Do not forget the drinks! Found out what your teens guests like and if there are any allergies! I suggest leaving out anything make from peanuts, just in case you forget to ask!

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