How to Throw a Princess Party

by admin on May 14, 2013

When a young girl wants a princess party, you may think that is it too hard to be able to throw one. Do not over-think things and just relax because it is much easier than you think! This article will give you some ideas on what you should do for the little girl in need!

First, you will need your invitations. You can either make them or buy them. At any local store, they will sell invitations of all different themes, so no worry there! When choosing princess invitations, choose beautiful princess party themed to announce the party. Use “royal” language, for example, “Princess Caitlin invites you to her 5th birthday party!” or “Join us for a royal affair; the birthday of Princess Jessica.” Something along those lines. If you would like the guests to come in royal themed costumes, you should announce that in the invitations. However, it would make a fantastic party activity for the guests to play dress-up!

Have the girls (and boys if they are also invited) start making tiaras right away. Sit them down and, under supervision, have them personalize their princess tiaras or crowns, whichever they want. This will allow them to put their creativity skills and imagination to work, all while keeping them busy! Paper and plastic tiaras would probably be best, depending on the age group. Have them glue on beads or gemstone stickers!


Playing dress-up can be a lot of fun for little girls! You can easily make this a party activity by gathering up old fabric and dresses for them. Depending on their ages, you could even buy new fabric and have the guests make their own costumes out of silk, satin, tulle; along with ribbons, scarves, and other fun fabric to make belts out of!

How to Throw a Princess Party

Another fun activity is for the girls to do princess makeovers. If the birthday girl has an older sister, or a relative that is willing to do the makeover for the girls, that would be an excellent idea! Have her put a kid-friendly make up on them! Blush would be exciting, along with sparkles and glitter! Be sure to take many pictures!

You may think, “What kind of food do I serve at a princess party?” Do not worry; you can make several different kinds of food to relate to the theme! Start with some finger sandwiches, and add in some pink lemonade! For dessert, make cookies in the shape of crowns and castles, unicorns and princess hats! There are princess themed cookie cutters available at any party store. You could even serve strawberry ice cream if the weather is nice outside, and pink frosted cupcakes would satisfy almost anyone!


To decorate a princess themed birthday party is very easy! Decorate with streamers or a fabric banner. Don’t forget the plates and napkins to match! Buy princess hats (the ones that are cone-shaped with doilies streaming down) for the girls, and for the boys (if they are invited) have them wear crowns or knight helmets! To “put the cherry on top” hang a princess themed piñata, such as, a castle or even a unicorn filled with small gifts and candy!


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