Hulk birthday party theme

by admin on October 1, 2012

Planning Hulk birthday party theme

Birthday comes once a year so, it should be celebrated with full enthusiasm. There are many themes to arrange a birthday party but the hulk birthday party theme is the most liked theme especially by the boys.

For planning a hulk birthday party theme, the most important thing is to make a check list of all the birthday supplies which are to be purchased from the store; this makes the task of buying the birthday supplies easy.

The hulk decorations are easily available in the market which can be used for the decoration for that theme. Green color is considered most important because the action star and strong character hulk is of green color.

Hulk birthday party theme

The two colors green and blue are mostly used in the hulk theme. The other products used for the decoration like balloons and for the eating purpose like plates must be green and blue.

To give a unique touch to the birthday party, one can order a hulk cake from the bakery and make the food in which the blue and green color is used. Special attention should be paid on the eatables prepared for the party. Children are more concerned with the birthday parties so, the party can be made more interesting by painting the faces with green color.

Hulk Birthday Party Games

Different hulk games can be arranged for the kids like the contest between the kids in which heavy things; rocks are made with foam or any light weight thing and say the kids to lift these up to see who is powerful like the Hulk. Small kids love these types of games.

hulk birthday party

Another very interesting game is to make one kid, hulk and he has to protect his team members from the dodge ball. If the ball hits any member then it affects the hulk and cause damage, that member is also eliminated. When the ball hits the first team member, one arm of hulk damages and he cannot use that arm to protect the other team members similarly when the ball hits the second team member, the other hand of the hulk damages.

A setup for the Hulk movie for the kids can also be made to make this superheroes birthday party a memorable one.

Here’s ways to make a hit:

  • Just concentrate on the color used in the preparation which is green, green and only green.
  • You can also purchase a Hulk costume for your son for the party.
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