Ideas on Dog Shaped Birthday Cakes

by admin on June 17, 2013

If you are a dog lover or someone who are fond of dogs as a pet, celebrating your birthday with a dog shaped birthday cake is a good idea. Imagine, having your birthday cake shaped and looked like your own pet dog is just amazing. I list some of the ideas on dog shaped birthday cakes that you can bake or buy and serve on your birthday.

There are different dog shaped birthday cakes which you will find really amazing. Here are the lists:

  • A dog shaped birthday cake shaped like Scooby.
  • A life size dog shaped birthday cake of a hound dog.
  • A dog shaped birthday cake of a pug.
  • A dog shaped birthday cake of a French bulldog.
  • A dog shaped birthday cake like a yorkie.
  • A dog shaped birthday cake for a Chihuahua.

Ideas on Dog Shaped Birthday Cakes

There are still more dog shaped birthday cakes example out there. But how will you make one if you do not intend to buy. Here are some of the suggestions on the ways to make dog shaped birthday cakes.


  • You can make a dog shaped birthday cake of cute puppies by putting together two cupcakes using a star tip no. 21 to make their long hair.
  • Then use start tip no. 3 to make their bows.
  • Just add their eyes and nose.

Homemade Birthday Cakes Using Betty Crocker Mixed

  • Another one is by using two Betty Crocker cake mixes and baked them.
  • Then, with the help of your computer and a printer, look for a picture of your favorite dog and print it and cut it. This will be your pattern for your dog shaped birthday cake.
  • Trace the dog pattern using toothpicks placed on one of the cakes then cut following the outline of your dog pattern.
  • Then this dog shaped cake will be slapped on the other cake which you baked then just decorate it using icing baggies to look it like your favorite dog shaped birthday cake.
Cake Decoration Ideas

Prepare the following for your decoration on your dog shaped birthday cake:

  • white licorice candles for the dog’s claws,
  • for the eyes – use mini oreos with one cookie pulled off and chocolate M&M’s glued on it,
  • a mini oreo is also used for the dog’s nose,
  • for the dog’s collar, use a yellow gummy candy and glue it on the cake using frosting.
  • You can also add the dog’s spots using colored brown and black pre-made frosting.

Tutorial How to make Dog Shaped Birthday Cakes

  • Using two 9-inch round cakes, shave the bottom third of both of the cakes to make them stand up right.
  • Then cut triangles out of the remaining top part of the cake.
  • These triangles will be for the front feet or paws of the dog.
  • Then the other shaved round pieces of the cake top will be for the dog’s back feet.
  • With the help of white frosting placed inside a grass tip, you can fur the dog’s whole body.
  • While to make the dog’s paws and the dog’s face, brown frosting will do.
  • For the dog’s toes and mouth, you can use black decorator’s gel and use candy eyes for its eyes.
  • Then for the dog’s tail and nose, an open coupler can do the trick and again brown frosting placed inside a grass tip will be the dog’s ears.

Hope these simple suggestions on dog shaped birthday cakes will give you an idea on how to prepare one on a birthday.

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