Incredibles Birthday Party Theme

by admin on February 11, 2013

Throw and incredible, Incredibles birthday party theme

This birthday theme is a lot of fun to plan and kids can be involved in the planning process just like the kids of the film help their parents in their superhero missions. Make it a family affair and really include the child in decisions and planning. Get a guest list together, browse the internet for some invitation and decoration templates, and start looking at bakeries for cake ideas. The mission is to provide the best birthday ever for your little one and you won’t fail with this theme.

Planning Incredibles Birthday Party Theme


There are so many ways to go with this theme, but one of the most popular is to make a faux newspaper clipping and put a picture of your child dressed like an Incredible on the front page. Make headlines and bylines. Use pictures from the movie or have siblings dress up as other Incredible family members or villains. Let the guests to be know when and where the party is and what the birthday boy or girl did to deserve front page status. Another good idea for an invitation is a “Top Secret,” folder and offer the mission as attending the birthday party. Include a little secret code and maybe ask for it at the door when the guest arrives.


This party will need lots of balloons and lots of nods to the movie’s theme. Beside the phone set up a sign that reads, “Superheroes only.” Do the same on the bathroom door and on the front door before children enter. This is where having them bring that secret code with them comes in handy. Maybe find a piñata to hang with the villains face on it or place settings with “Top Secret” fake folders. The center piece can be an Incredibles Family photo or simply the cake. Place red, yellow, black, and orange balloons on the back of chairs, floating in the rooms, and tied to tables as well. Some streamers that are placed around doorways and in room corners will give a festive mood to an indoor party.

Food and Cake

Have a superhero sandwich or simply stick with the staples of hamburgers, chicken nuggets, or pizza. Unless asking parents beforehand, keep beverages caffeine or sugar free. Kool-Aid without sugar can become an Incredibles energy drink for super heroes. You can also have a health theme where super heroes have to be super healthy and need to eat their fruits and veggies. Finger foods such as sliced oranges, grapes, diced apples, and baby carrots will be easy for little hands to manage. When thinking cake don’t be afraid to have it catered so that anIncredibles photo can be transferred onto the cake and surrounded by the movie logo. Even ask the bakery to transfer the photo of your child that was used in the newspaper invitation if the child would like to see themselves on their own cake.

Incredibles Birthday Party Theme

Games and Favors

Hide and seek so that children have to use their super hero powers to find friends is a lot of fun. A Scavenger hunt that will lead to clues on the whereabouts of a villain is also a great idea to get kids involved and thinking. If a piñata was purchased now is a great time to implement taking a bat and letting the kids have fun trying to break it open. Lots of favors with Incredibles logos can be found at dollar stores and low priced retailers. There are crayons, notepads, jewelry, trading cards, and black eye masks to send little guests home with. Just be sure to always ask parents before sticking candy in party favor bags in case there are allergies or issues with sugar.


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