Indoor Birthday Party Ideas

by admin on September 18, 2012

Top 3 Indoor Birthday Party Ideas

If your child has a birthday during the colder, winter months, it can be difficult getting motivated and planning an indoor party especially if space is limited. Do not let this dishearten you though, you can still have just as much fun indoors without having the kids running around causing havoc and here are a few starting points for inspiration.

Indoor Birthday Party Ideas

A painting party

All kids love drawing and painting and although they obviously have differing abilities, no child will say no to a bit of messy play. When you send out your invites, make sure that you make the parents aware that the children need to come dressed in old clothing as you do not want them to arrive in their pristine new party clothes. Alternatively, you can pick up some old aprons or t-shirts for them to wear but this may be unsuitable if you have quite a few guests or if they are quite young and need help dressing etc.

Before the party, ensure that you have covered the floor and work surfaces with tarp, old fabric or tablecloths. Pour the paint out into disposable bowls and ensure that there are enough for one per child and that they are within easy reach of where each child will be seated. Print out plenty of coloring pages (of butterflies, flowers, aliens, animals etc) and ensure that you have loads of paintbrushes, sponges, stencils, glue and glitter available.

Board Games Party

Children these days are so caught up with new technology and console games that very few remember or have experience of playing good old fashioned board games that we used to play as we were growing up. Bring out your games such as Scrabble, Monopoly and Pentago and split the kids into teams.

You can either all play the same game or have groups playing different games so that everyone has a chance to alternate and play their favorite game. We like this idea as it is fun yet educational because it teaches the participants to work together and plan strategies as well as developing on their language, maths and reasoning skills without them even realizing that they are learning.

Craft Making

Set up a few craft stations so that the children can make things like snowflakes out of newspaper which you can find here or wintery snow globes like the ones shown here.

They can work at their own pace and choose which activities they want to take part in plus they can take their creations home as party souvenirs.

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