Intellectual Birthday Party Themes

by admin on February 11, 2013

Throw a smart party for the intellectually inclined

Most birthday parties are about being as silly as possible. People will want to have lots of big decorations, cakes, and games but sometimes a more intellectual approach is needed. Sometimes adults and kids alike will want a more quiet and brain teasing environment. For those birthday boys and girls there are lots of themes that can still be tons of fun but tickle the savvy side of all the intellectuals in the group. Even kids will like a version of this type of theme if they are quieter and book oriented. Get out the Scrabble boards and Pictionary pencils and have some fun!

Here are 4 Intellectual Birthday Party Themes that encourage intellectual exploration

Intellectual Birthday Party Themes

Jeopardy Night

This is a great way for adults and kids alike to celebrate a more intellectually stimulating birthday. There are lots of ways to make this a fun time by making the Jeopardy categories personal about the guest if desired. Set up categories about their favorites in movies or music, first words for kids, or simply go the regular game play route with questions from various subjects and topics. Make a cake, have decorations but focus on thinking more and be a bit more subdued. For adults serve appetizers and wine for a relaxed feel and for kids set up a few snacks and maybe a few sodas or Kool-Aid. Sit back and start showing off those brain muscles.


Okay, so this game doesn’t always make everyone jump for joy but it does for those intellectuals who love finding words and stumping opponents. Set up prizes for kids that are age appropriate for getting a certain number of points in a one word move or start a drinking game for adults if they miss a word or have to pass. Don’t make this a boring game of letters and words, spice it up and reward those who have the wittiest plays. Stock up on lots of fruits and veggies to serve kids as they play and for adults appetizers that are sure to please or sub sandwiches for a more relaxed feel. Make your own rules even about extra points for words that are naughtier if adults are playing.

Intellectual Birthday Party Themes Decorations


Trivial Pursuit

Set up partners or teams and let go. Start out playing a regular game or go buy a theme specific board and card set. There are kid friendly games of Trivial Pursuit that are available as well and have questions more suited to their age level. Again for adults have a wine tasting while trumping friends as you move around the board. Kids can try different kinds of ice cream for a treat to make the game a bit more fun for those that might not enjoy trivia games. Decorate like normal but use this quiz game as the center of the day and please that intellectual birthday boy or girl to pieces.

Mystery Game

This one can get even more involved. For adults, take them to a set up for a murder mystery where there will be actors role playing a murder and the birthday guy or gal have to work out the whodunit with their guests. This kind of game can really be intriguing and get the brain thinking as everyone is a suspect and don’t let anyone spoil the surprise of who really is the devious killer. Most of the time these parties will have everything provided during the role play and that is another easy way to make planning a simple case of picking up the phone and booking a night out.

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