Iron Man Birthday Party Ideas

by admin on May 13, 2013

When Iron Man was released in the theaters, families flocked to the movie houses to see the superhero. Many children idolize him. So don’t be surprised when your child requests Iron Man as the theme of his next birthday party. Here are some tips on how to host an iron man birthday party:

Iron Man Birthday Party Invitations

You can have your cards professionally designed and printed or you can make your own. There are a lot of Iron Man pictures all over the internet, choose one with high resolution and put it together in a graphics software like Photoshop.

Don’t forget to include the party details like venue and time of the party. Include a picture or your child wearing an Iron Man T-shirt or costume to make it more personalized. You can then print these in cardstocks available at local stationery shops. To save stamp money, you can also use that design and send it out as email invitations.

Iron Man Birthday Party Decorations

Make sure all the party details follow the theme, get Iron Man party hats, cups, plates and banners. It would also be a nice idea if the colors used throughout the party are mainly red, white and gold. This goes for balloons too. If you could find mylar balloons with Iron Man’s mask, it would make a wonderful centerpiece. For added effect, scatter little plastic toy gears, wrenches and screwdrivers around the centerpieces.

We all know Tony Stark loved to tinker with his tools. Don’t forget to order an Iron Man Cake. It can either be a simple cake with an Iron Man Figurine on top, or a cake with Iron Man’s Mask on the icing as décor.

Iron Man Birthday Party Games

Iron Man Birthday Party Ideas

Spice up a traditional game of musical chairs by decorating the chairs with Iron Man masks over the backrest, so that it would seem that the child is sitting on Iron Man’s lap whenever he sits on the chair. The winner can have his picture taken while sitting on his “Iron Man Throne”.

The kids can also play “Pin the Iron on the Man” where the contestants can try and stick a cut-out of Iron Man’s mask on a picture of Tony Stark stuck on a wall. The one who can stick the mask closest to Stark’s face wins.

Before the party, let your fellow parents know that you will be having a Tony Stark Look Alike contest. Encourage daddies to come in sunglasses and to shave their mustaches similar to Tony Stark’s distinct design. The man, who looks like him the most, wins.

The children can be divided into teams and each team can try to find as many Iron Man characters hidden all over the party venue as they can. You can print pictures of Tony Stark, Iron Man, Pepper Potts, Happy and even the villains. Before the guests start coming in, hide the printed photos under the tables and chairs, even behind the bushes and trees.

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Iron Man Birthday Party Giveaways

Prepare red and gold Iron Man goody bags with each child’s name on them. Fill it with candies, bubble gums and chocolates, activity sheets and puzzles.

You can also put in Iron Man cut-out masks or Tony Stark shades. If you hired a life-sized Iron Man mascot, make a big show out of giving away the loot bags. Announce each child’s name in a big booming voice. This will surely be a hit with the kids.

Iron Man Birthday Party Pictures on Pinterest

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