Keep Cool in a ‘Fun in the Sun’ Birthday Party

by admin on May 19, 2013

When a child’s birthday party is held in the summer, there are so many fun thing t to do. However, there are also many worries of the kids getting too hot! Here are some ideas on how to keep you kids cooled off at a hot summer birthday party.

It is a great idea to have a pool party when you have summer birthday party to place. However, sometimes that is not possible for some people or their kids (if they do not know how to swim).

Summer birthday party Invitations

When making your invitations, be sure to include information of the party being outside. Tell everyone to dress cool, so wear flip-flops, shorts, tank tops, bring sunscreen, and for girls bring hair ties. You may want to make note to bring towels just in case the water games get a little out of hand.

For a fun in the sun party, the decorations are not as important however, you should always have balloons on the mailbox, and for extra kicks have a trail of sun shaped confetti leading to the back yard. The colors of the decoration depend on if the child is a boy or a girl, however use streamers, confetti, and balloons!

summer birthday party

Choosing the food is up to whatever you want to make. You could serve dinner or lunch by making hot dogs, hamburgers, corn dogs, etc. For the snacks, serve Sun Chips and watermelon! Be sure to have a cooler filled with beverages, such as bottles of water, orange soda, lemon-lime soda, and pink lemonade. Water is the most important drink to serve when you are hosting an outside party, so be sure to have extra bottles of water on deck.


Summer birthday party Games

There are several outdoor games to play! If this party is for a girl, you could have the girls play water balloon volleyball, or if this party if for a bog, you could choose Super Soaker Freeze tag! Water Balloon Toss is a game that can be used to both genders, so you could include that game too!

For activities, you could rent a bouncy house; they are fun depending on the age group. Do not forget the cake! You can make a Fun in the Sun cake very easily. Purchase either white cake mix or lemon cake mix (whichever the child prefers), and decorate the icing as a sun. You could even spice it up by putting those little fake balloons on the cake, making them look like beach balls! Making the cake in the shape of a sun would be super cool! For the party favors give out bags with miniature water guns and miniature bags of Sun Chips!

A child is not afraid to speak their mind, so you should always ask them what decorations they want, what colors, desserts, foods and drinks. If they help you plan their birthday party, it will be less work for you, and it will be fun for them!

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