Know Your Animals via the Petting Zoo Birthday Party

by Sherry on September 21, 2012

Petting Zoo Birthday Party Ideas

Who on these earth does not like animals? I remember my trips to the petting zoo when I was an impressionable, young girl with my father and mother taking pictures of me patting the zoo animals with great nostalgia.

The world back them seemed perfect and I felt happy and content. What more could a young girl want? I got a chance to hang out with llamas, guinea pigs, rabbits, sheep, ponies and even got a chance to see a python (I had a dream that the python was coming to get me, but that is a story for another day).

A petting zoo can be a great place to learn more about domestic animals, how to take care of them and also a few fun facts here and there. There are also some life lessons we can learn from animal behavior according to some scientists. Who am I to argue with that? Nonetheless, my young 7 year old son loves animals and wants to be an animal doctor (as he calls it) when he grows up and for that reason I decided to have a petting zoo birthday party for him.

Planning a petting zoo birthday party

First and foremost, I had to look up the local petting zoo and find out how much they would charge for my boy to have a birthday party there. The venue gave me a great deal. All I had to do was bring the little ones with foods and drinks and some decorations as they allowed me to set up a tent at nice, central place that would serve as the food and drinks station. It was in a private area of the petting zoo so I was not worried about people invading my son’s birthday party.

petting zoo birthday party
The second thing I did was to send out the invites. I went to the local party store and I got some nice cards that had animals printed on it. I took some for the giraffe, others for a sheep and another that had an animal barn on it. My son invited his friends to come join him for a day if fun and getting down and muddy.

I sent out the invites and focused on making the decorations for the tent. I did not do much as the petting zoo provided a good background. I just bought some animal balloons that we hang it on the tent on the day of the party.

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Petting Zoo Birthday Party Food

As for the food and drinks, I made lemonade, apple juice, cookies, brownies, bananas (called monkey bites on that day), an apple pie, milk, marshmallow sticks and I served them on egg shells, banana leafs and we had a water trough from which the drinks were served from (we bought a new one for that purpose and donated it to the petting zoo after).

We also had spaghetti which we called snake tails served on a bed of vegetables so that it looked like it was moving on the grass.

We furthermore had chocolate brownies which we called cow patties, cotton ball ice cream which called sheep wool and we cannot forget the milk station! As for the cake, we had cupcakes made and decorated with different animal features.


To cap the petting zoo birthday party:

  • the kids had a chance to go pony riding as well as horse riding;
  • got to learn how to milk a cow;
  • they feed the chicken and
  • got to pet the leopard that was in the zoo and take pictures with them.

My son even had a chance to see a sheep give birth and he helped in the birthing process. It was a fun petting zoo birthday party at a pocket friendly cost.

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