Kristen Stewarts’ Birthday Week

by admin on April 18, 2013

On April 9, 2013, Kristen Stewart and her boyfriend/ co-star Robert Pattinson celebrated Kristen’s 23rd birthday! While most people celebrate only one day or night for their birthday, Kristen and Robert celebrated the whole week!

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson got together with a few friends and partied at Malo Tequeria, where they had several margaritas and ordered lots of zucchini blossoms! After dinner and drinks, they went to the No Vacancy bar, where they danced and partied until the sun came up! For her birthday she looked comfortable and casual, wearing a T-shirt and jeans with a pair of Converse tennis shoes. Better keep those heels at home if you are going to be drinking all those margaritas!

Kristen Stewarts’ Birthday Week

The party does not stop there! The next day, Kristen and Robert received tickets to the Coachella music festival for a whole weekend! Here she rocked a T-shirt and high-rise black shorts, looking casual and ready for dancing.

Resources were told what Kristen wanted for her birthday. She said she did not want anything, because she thinks she already has everything she needs. The best birthday present would be spending time with Robert; but if she were to receive a gift, she would like another rescue puppy to add to the family.

You know how when you do not want anything for your birthday, but someone always gets you something anyway? Well, that is the case in Kristen’s situation! Even though she said she did not want anything, she still received gifts! She received the latest chain and bracelet from Versace and a Hermes silk scarf. In addition, she received her favorite Van Morrison song, ‘Madame George’.

These gifts are not all the gifts she received; Robert saved the best gift for last: He wrapped his grandmothers’ pearl ring in tissue, put it in an envelope, and slipped it into Kristen’s mailbox! How sweet!

Robert Pattinson must have spent quite a bit of time planning his lovely lady’s birthday bash, but it sounds like he planned it well! There are pictures online of them on her birthday smiling from ear to ear! Good job Robert!

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