Lady Bug Birthday Party Ideas

by admin on October 1, 2012

Lady Bug Birthday Party Ideas for Children

Popular themes for children’s birthday parties change with each generation. What was cool when you were a child may be out of favor today.

Lady bug birthday party themes are a rare exception. They have remained popular across several generations. One reason is because they are a fairly neutral theme that boys and girls alike can enjoy.

Planning Lady Bug Birthday Party

When planning a lady bug birthday party, start with the invitation. You can go to any party supply center or online party supplier to get lady bug invitations. Or you can design and print invitations from your desktop computer.

This will depend primarily on the amount of time you have to put into planning the party. Boxed invitations are much more convenient.

Costs may also be a consideration. Making them yourself is less expensive and adds a personal touch that will be appreciated by your child and guests.


You can choose to buy premade decorations at the store or make them yourself. If you decide to make decorations, the primary color scheme will be red and black.


You can paint black dots on red fabric for tablecloths. Use a black marker to add dots to red paper cups. Confirm the marker is permanent so it does not stain the fingers of children or adults attending the party.

A lady bug theme is one of the easiest when it comes to decorating ideas and you are only limited by your creativity.

ladybug birthday party

Outdoor and Indoor

This is a party you can have inside or outdoors. If you expect a lot of children, an outdoor party can reduce cleanup time.

And you avoid ruining furniture and carpets. You can rent or borrow tables so there is plenty of room for guests to sit. Keep a path to your door clear so you can easily walk out with the cake without worrying about tripping.

Lady Bug Birthday Party Food and Cakes

The cake and other foods can be designed to complement the theme. There are many ways to create a lady bug cake. You can design it yourself or ask a local bakery to make one for the party.


You can also make lady bug cupcakes and cookies. Unless it is a surprise party, your child will enjoy making the treats with your help.

They take pride in these activities and will proudly share with party guests.

Personalized Lady Bug Cupcake Standee Each

Have paper plates and cups handy that match your theme. You can stick with a solid color or mix and match red and black. Lady bug supplies are also available for purchase. You do not have to go overboard here – just have basic red or black napkins and placements to reinforce the party’s theme.

Have party favors available for all children. You can get hats and small toys in bulk at your local party supply center. You may be able to find neat items that have been discontinued by contacting an online supplier.

A ladybug piñata is a fun idea for a children’s party. Be sure you know of any allergies attending children may have so you fill the piñata with appropriate goodies. You do not want a child getting sick at the party. Have a variety of games and activities available for guests, particularly the children.

You can have fun planning a lady bug birthday party for your child. You get to decorate and come up with food ideas. And coming with neat lady bug games will challenge you to put your creative cap on.

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