Learn How to Throw an Olympic Themed Birthday Party

by admin on May 19, 2013

An Olympic themed birthday party is an excellent tway to motivate kids to be active. This theme does not have to be only in the summer or only outside, you can have an Olympics themed birthday party any time of the year, outdoors or indoors, as long as you have the appropriate space!

Think of yourself as the “ringleader” for this party, and any Olympic ringleader knows you must use green, blue, yellow, red and black colors for all the decorations (these are the colors of the Olympic rings). Being the “ringleader”, you must be able to show the kids how to stay healthy, active, and fit.

Olympic Themed Birthday Party Invitation

The invitations are easy to make for an Olympic party! For your title, say something like “Calling All Competitors”, etc. Instead of using “start” and “end” time, use “Opening Ceremonies Commence” and “Closing Ceremonies Conclude” and give the times of each. Be sure to include what the guests need to bring, such as, sneakers or bathing suits, etc. and do not forget about information on how to RSVP.

Olympic Themed Birthday Party Decorations

Decorations are very important at any birthday party! At this one, line your driveway with Olympic-themed decorations such as torches or metal rings. Set up a table for “Olympian Check-ins”, where each guest will pick out of a bowl to choose what country they will represent for the day. In addition, create “flag badges” by printing several countries’ flags and writing the name of the country on the other side. For example, April Fools Day originated in France.

For the birthday boy or girl, have them represent their home country. Learning about the facts and flags of nations is a great way to teach little ones about other countries, and makes the party not only fun and exciting, but a learning experience as well!


Olympic Themed Birthday Party Activities

As an activity, have the children personalize swear towels with fabric markers, and reusable water bottles with sharpies and markers! You can buy reusable water bottles at any craft store, and sweat towels at any convenience store! Another fun activity is to have the children make Olympic torches out of construction paper, glue, and colored tissue paper. Later in the day, play some marching music and announce each Olympian one-by-one as they step onto the “podium”.

For the Olympian Games, you just have to think of fun games Olympians play (children version of course). Some fun ideas are to set up sack races, hula-hoop hurdles, and skipping contests. You can even group up the Olympians and have them play relay races, group jump rope contests and least but not least, three-legged races! Having the kids compete in groups teaches them about teamwork!

Olympic Themed Birthday Party

As the ringleader, wear a whistle around your neck and carry a clipboard to keep score of the events throughout the day. This will make the children feel like they are actually at a competition!

A good tip:
Add points for good sportsmanship, teamwork, and even most spirited challenger!
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