Let’s Fly High! Airplane Birthday Party

by Sherry on September 17, 2012

Fighter jets have always fascinated me. At one point in my younger life I had dream of becoming a fighter pilot but I ended up being a writer. The only weapon I have is my words and I am happy and content with that.

Many people get to read my articles and I am sure I contribute to the fight against ignorance with my writing skills. I digress: back to the topic at hand. When I was a little child, I was bought for a toy aeroplane which I played with it for a while before I graduated to remote controlled airplanes.

If I had known back then that birthdays could have party themes, I would have definitely have had an airplane birthday party! Those were different times but let me educate you on how to have an airplane birthday party for your child (or for your inner child).

Planning Airplane Birthday Party

You will have to start my making the party invites. You can have them shaped similar to an airplane or you can have them look like an air ticket with the destination being the venue of the party, the arrival time being the time the party starts and the airline being the name of the birthday boy or girl.

The next step on your way to having an airplane birthday party is the decorations. Buy different colored balloons and tie them up in such a way that it will create an impression that it is flying. Stick a plain sky blue paper on the walls of the room and cut out white paper to look like different shaped and sized clouds and stick them on the sky blue wall paper to give an impression of the clouds and the sky.


As for the cake, pick the flavor that the birthday girl or birthday girl loves and you can make the cake to look like an airplane taking off from the runway or maybe an airplane parked in its hangar. You can even have airplane shaped cookies and other party snacks and drinks.

plane birthday party

Since it is an airplane birthday party, you can name the food and drink service area something like ‘The Hangar’ or even ‘The Cockpit’. You can have the people serving the food dress up like the air stewards and air stewardesses and you can give the foods airplane names like Boeing burger, Beagle salad, Bushby pizza, Cessna Fruit cocktail….. I hope you get the drift! Be creative with the names you come up with for the food and drinks!


No airplane birthday party is complete without playing a game or two. You can have an airplane making competition.

  • The children will be asked to make paper planes and whoever paper airplane flies the furthest declared the winner and given a present or a small gift pack.
  • You could also have a flying test where the children will be asked to fly a kite and see how high it will go.
  • You could have a runway for take-off and each child is the first officer of his or her airplane (read kites) and starting from the edge of the run, start running with the kit until almost to the end of the take-off strip.

The child who has his or her kite fly the highest will be promoted to captain and given a small present.

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Let me know how the airplane birthday party turns out and please feel free to add more meat to this post by contributing your valuable opinions and insights non all things birthday party.

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