Let’s Get the Show on the Road with a Circus Birthday!

by admin on May 19, 2013

Planning a circus birthday party may not be as easy as is sounds. After the theme is picked out, (which it obviously is) then you have to decide what food, drinks, games and decorations to choose. There are more DYI projects you can do for a circus party, but not very many.

For a circus party there should of course be balloons, bright colors, animals such as tiger, loins elephants and monkeys (not real animals of course!).


Your invitations should of course be circus themed. You can make all these easy, either by hand or on an invitation generator website. Be sure to include any water games the children will be playing so the parents know to bring extra clothes for the children. In the invitation, you should include who the party is for, where the party is being held, what time the party starts and when it ends, and do not forget to include how to RSVP. These do not have to be extravagant; however, it is fun to make them that way!

A fun decoration idea is to place an archway made of balloons in the entrance way to the party. Be sure to have plenty of balloon places around the party area (the best place to have a circus party is in your backyard!). You can easily blow up images of wild animals and pin them around the yard to make the kids feel like they are at the circus!

You can play at a circus birthday party such as, Pin the Nose on the Clown, or water-gun shooting games several games! You could even have tables set up for “game booths” for the children to play and win prizes!

Circus food is easy to think of! For lunch or dinner, you can serve hot dogs, hamburgers, corn dogs, and fried dough! For desserts, serve cotton candy! You could set up tables for your food as you did with the games! Be sure to have plenty of tables for the children to sit and eat! For the drinks serve lemonade or root beer, and do not forget about the cake. This cake should of course be a clown cake!

When the kids are getting ready to leave, hand out party favors made from popcorn containers (the ones at carnivals and circuses!) that have animal crackers, gummy popcorn and circus peanuts!

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