Having a Racecar Birthday Party

by admin on May 27, 2013

If someone you know wants to have a car themed birthday party, there are many different things you can do in order to achieve that theme. If he wants a Disney Cars themed birthday party, you can purchase decorations, food, even costumes to match the theme at any store that sells party supplies, OR you can do it yourself!

Racecar Birthday Party Invitation:

As with planning any party (not only birthday parties), you will nee to start with the theme. Since the theme is already chosen, now you need to choose what invitations you will send out! These obviously have to be racecar themed, however you do not want to go out and buy ordinary invitations. These should be handmade, and with the held of many different crafting websites, you can create magnificent handmade invitations. Whether this racecar party is for Disney Cars, or if it is for NASCAR, you can make something special for your special one.

Racecar Birthday Party Decorations

racecar birthday party

The decorations are very important in a racecar themed birthday party! Especially for a child; you know how children will tell you how they feel if they do not like something! Some of the decorations you may want to buy if you are not the crafty type, however, there are tutorials online that can help you find what you are looking for and shows you exactly how to do it!

For the decorations, you will need to have several black and white checkered flags to place around the party area, inside and outside. You can buy black and white checkered streamers, or if they do not sell them checkered, you buy a few white streamers and a few black streamers and hang them from the ceiling where the guests come in!

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At a racecar themed birthday party, of course you will want to have some sort of activity that involves racing. Therefore, either you will need big wheels, or you will have to hand made cardboard cars (you can learn how to do this online, just type in “cardboard race cars” for the children to race with.)

For the winner of the race, you should have a big gold trophy (which you can buy at a party supplies store) or a prize of some sort such as a party favor bag with extra items in there.

Racecar Birthday Party Food

We all know kids love food. At a racecar party, your food should be simple and easy to eat. It is a good idea to make the food light and easy on the kids’ little tummies since they will be active during the party. Finger sandwiches, crackers and cheese, chips and dip, etc. are good finger foods to serve!

For dessert, serve something everyone will like, and serve extra flavors or types of dessert just in case the other children do not like what is being served, such as brownies, or a different flavor of cake mix, or even ice cream! If there are any leftovers, include them in the party favors (excluding the ice cream)! For the drinks, serve sports drinks in a variety of flavors!

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