Lets Rock This Party!

by admin on May 19, 2013

Everyone knows in order to have a successful rock star themed birthday party; you have to have awesome music, good food, and exceptional decorations and activities! Here are some great ideas to get this party rockin’!

At every concert, you must first get tickets, so be sure to create invitations that look like concert tickets! Be sure to add all the important details such as, whom the “rock star” is, where it is being held, the start time and end time, and remember to write in information on how to RSVP.

Rock star themed birthday party Activities

There are many fun things to do at a rock star themed birthday party, but here is one that almost any age can do: have the kids personalize a pair of “shutter shades”, which are sun glasses that do not actually block out the sun, it looks like there are shutters on the lenses.

Do this using stick-on studs and rhinestones! This is something boys and girls can do! At any rock star themed birthday party, you have to sing! Set up a karaoke machine and have each guests sing along to their favorite song! Also, if you have Guitar Hero, that would be an excellent game to play!

Dressing appropriately to any convert event is just as important as dressing appropriately to a rock star themed birthday party! You can either tell the guests in the invite to dress up in as much “bling” as they can, or you can hand out plastic jewelry as the guests arrive! This will help the kids get into the groove!

Rock star themed birthday party


Rock star themed birthday party Food

If you are not too sure about what type of foods are at a concert, then come up with your own! I must tell you though; at any concert, they usually serve greasy, fast-food type of food, which is not very nutritious, however, you can make it that! Serve hot dogs, corn dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, fries, etc.

For dessert, here are some fun ideas: Serve ice cream cones that look like microphones! All you have to do is buy colored ice cream cones, chocolate ice cream and chocolate sprinkles! If you want to have cake there also (usually any party has cake), you can make “Microphone Cupcakes”, which look exactly like the ice cream, but instead of ice cream on the cone, it is a cupcake! Be sure to separate these so the kids do not mix them up!

For the decorations, you can buy table wear that matches your rock star theme. Also, you can buy black balloons and streamers to give the party area a rock star feel!

Before the kids leave, hand out party favors made from a circular box, or eve a small trinket filled with fake tattoos, jelly bracelets, and pop rocks!

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