Luau Birthday Party Ideas

by Sherry on September 12, 2012

Luau Birthday Party Ideas

When I think of a Luau themed birthday party, my mind automatically goes to Hawaii: the beautiful beaches, the coconuts, the tiki and all things Hawaiian. The beauty of having a Luau Birthday party is that it can be tailor made for both adults and children alike.

I will share some of the best Luau Birthday Party Ideas I have come across in my lifetime and guide you on how to create one of your own.

Planning the Hula and Lei! Party

My friend Lucy had gone to Hawaii to celebrate her twenty fifth birthday and we tagged along to make sure she had the best party ever!

The party planner decided to surprise us with a hula hoop themed party. There were hula dancers at hand who showed us how to hula hoop and there was also someone who taught us how to make a lei using the wili (wind, twist, crank, coil), Hilo (twist, double helix, intertwine), hili (braiding or plaiting using one type of material) and haku (three-ply braiding using different types of material) methods.

The catch was we had to hula hoop while making a lei using the different materials we had been given making sure that all the four methods were incorporated in making the lei. Hula dancing while making a lei is no easy task; but it was fun! I did not win (in fact I came a close third from the rear!). We had a fun time and I learn some new skills while at it!


How low can you go?

If hula dancing is not for you, then a Limbo dance theme is one of the greatest Luau Birthday Party Ideas to incorporate in a Luau themed birthday. It is a fun activity for both the adults and the children. To increase the fun factor and the difficulty level, you can put flames on either side of the limbo pole (make sure you have a fire extinguisher on the ready as well as a qualified EMT at hand!).

The flames can be incorporated in the adult limbo dance competition; not so great for children! Have fun finding how bent out of shape you all are and how long you can go without tilting the pole! Do not dare limbo dance if you are prone to back problems!


Let’s Play Beach Volleyball

Most of us do not have enough space on our backyards to limbo or hula (or we may be living on a 3rd floor apartment!) and we may just need to get a natural tan! Blow up the beach volleyball, attach your invitation to it and deliver them to invited guests asking them to come in beach wear and apply sunscreen and get ready to have fun at the beach! Pick names of people from a reed sunhat so that you can pair people into teams. Have a cheering squad and some cold juice made from tropical fruits on the ready and get your beach on! Nothing says Luau like the beach, not so?

Pool Party

Not all of us have access to the sandy beaches so the next best thing is a swimming pool! Make a tiki bar, have tiki torches if it is an evening pool party and let people come wearing hula skirts, beach shirts and shorts as well as leis so as to give it a Luau feel.

Have coconut, kiwi or pineapple juice as the welcoming drink as well as some palm tree branches to give it a beach like feel.


Remember to ask your guests to bring along their flip flops and get ready to party! If it is for the children, stock the tiki bar with soft drinks, have hula hoops on the ready and teach them how to make leis and swim their hearts out! A pool party is not a good idea if you do not have ample space around your swimming pool to ensure safety!

Surf till you drop!

One of my favorite is surfing. Guests who do not know how to surf fret not! You can have a surf instructor teach them the basics! See who can catch the biggest waves and how long you can last before falling off your surf! For the artistic ones, you can have them paint surf boards in whatever color or pattern that captivates them. Make sure you have your safety vest on at all times especially if it is for the kids! Not all people love surfing but it is a unique theme to have on your birthday for a surfer!

luau birthday party

There are many more Luau Birthday party ideas that you can work with like a coconut and pineapple themed party, a flower themed party among many others. Let your creative juices flow and if you have any additional Luau Birthday party ideas, give me a shout!

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