Make it Colourful with An American Greetings Birthday Party

by Sherry on September 21, 2012

We have at one time or another lacked inspiration in the creative department and we wish we could copy and paste someone else’s idea and go on with whatever we are doing.

I have to admit that I have used the American Greetings e-card on more than one occasion to say a simple thank you, to wish someone a get well soon card or even to tell my hubby that I miss him and thinking about him.

Greeting cards make it easier for us to express our feelings and inner thought when we lack words to say exactly how we feel. I suppose there is no ‘I do not like you right now’ greeting card, so we can say greeting cards express all the good things we feel.

Would it not be a great idea to have an American Greetings Birthday Party? Think about all the fun stuff you can do at the party. The beauty is that it can be held for the young and the young at heart. We are never too old to indulge our creative side, are we?

American Greetings Invitation Cards

The invitation cards is that you can go with anything whatsoever that you can conjure up with your imagination. Let your creative juices flow and make a birthday invitation card of your own.

The same way the American greetings cards are grouped together in a theme, you can choose a theme for your birthday party for example, ‘five and fabulous’. ‘My tenacious tenth birthday’, ‘twenty and trendy’ among any other themes and tag lines you can conjure about.

american greetings birthday party

Make it catchy and playful. The same way the American greetings card has themes, you can make birthday invitation cards for family, then another set for friends and another one for colleagues and acquaintances if it is a grown up party.

For the young ones, you can send make a set of invites for the girls, made with pink, white and floral details and another set for the boys made with blue, black and a race track or whatever boys like on it.

American Greetings Birthday Decorations

The decor needs to be colorful and eye catching. You can blow up different colored balloons and hang them up all over the room.

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  • Consider neon blues, bright red, golden yellow, sunny orange, emerald greens, whites, magenta, purples and indigo.
  • You could also have different colored and patterned wall papers and hang them on the wall.
  • You could also decorate using white roses, white and pink lilies, yellow carnations, and any other colored flower you have access to.
  • You could also have different colored vases and objects of different shapes, sizes and color decorating the room.
  • You could also have a big, life sized greeting card with your picture on it or whatever you fancy at the center of the room and have it reading something like ‘welcome all to my birthday party’.


American Greetings Birthday Cakes

As for the cake, you can make a rainbow colored cake, a cake decorated with flowers and sprinkles on them; a cake designed as a greeting card or even a teddy bear or a toy car, the choice is yours.

You could also consider having a chocolate brownie, cupcakes, lemonades, jelly, milkshakes, gummy bear, punch, fruits and vegetables. Make the food table colorful.

To complete an American greetings birthday party, you can have an arts and crafts session to make greeting cards and you could also consider having a gallery for people to showcase their talent in art, poetry and writing greeting cards. On top of all that, make sure you have fun!

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