Make your perfect Hawaiian birthday party

by admin on September 26, 2012

Planning a Perfect Hawaiian Birthday Party

It is true that a Hawaiian themed party is usually thrown for a child, but nothing will stop you to play the hula-hoop until you tire yourself to sleep. But this post is about Hawaiian parties for children.

It is recommended for the party to take place in the summer, but nothing will stop you to organize the party in your house, when the snow covers your courtyard and your kid really wants a Hawaiian Birthday Party.

The 4 actions for Hawaiian Birthday Party

There are four easy steps you need to follow in order to throw the perfect Hawaiian luau party.

First step on our list takes care of the invitations. After you discuss the guest list with your kid, ask him to help you make the invitations. Because the theme is Hawaii, you can let your imagination flow, and make the most creative invite. For example, you can fill an empty bottle with sand, then put the written invitation, like a message-in-a-bottle, add a shell for a great impact then deliver the invitation. Chances are your bottle invitation will end up like decoration set up by their parents.


Now that we’ve got that covered, the next step on the list refers to decorations. This is where you can let your imagination ran free:

  • If you have a pool in your backyard, decorate it with tiki torches. They don’t have to be lit because you can’t really throw a night party for them kids. You can also have on open soda bar, grass skirts and those already famous flower necklaces. It goes without saying that you also need to provide hula-hoops.
  • If you do not have a pool, you can either buy one or make a sand box where the kids can make sand castles or other architectures. If the party is still going when the Sun has set, lit some candles. That will set in the Hawaiian mood in no time.

Hawaiian Style Food

There’s nothing taking you in the luau spirit like a good Hawaiian-style food. If you are not really experienced in this field, you can never go wrong with fruits. Kids love them, and nothing screams better Hawaiian party like an exotic fruit.


You can make dishes with fruits, caramelized or covered in chocolate, or even fried fruits. It will go amazing along a fruit punch, why not even served in coconut cups. In order to actually feed the energetic kids, you can also prepare or buy Hawaiian pizza.

Plates that imitate leaves will add a little extravaganza to the party. The cake must have a water theme. It doesn’t matter if it’s just covered in blue fondant because you can decorate it with shells, brown sugar imitating the sand, and also toy palm trees.


Hawaiian birthday party games and activities

Last but not least, you need to provide good and original Hawaiian entertainment. If you don’t know any games that kids will adore, make some up.

You already have the hula-hoops, so make a contest. The winner will be the Hawaiian king or queen. If this is the case, you might assure a special position for your kid, in order to make him or her feel special. Also, you can never be wrong with a limbo contest.

hawaiian birthday party

Just use your imagination and adapt the games you know for a Hawaiian Birthday Party. And here it is, the perfect party for your perfect child. Have fun!

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