Mall Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party Ideas

by admin on October 23, 2012

Recently I planned a birthday party for my 8 year old girl cousin. It was a surprise birthday party, so all she knew is that I was taking her to go shopping.

The birthday party was a mall scavenger hunt, followed by pizza, and then back to the house for a sleepover. I invited 9 of her closest friends, so there were 10 girls at the party.

I did the majority of the planning and my friend helped me with the scavenger hunt. I blind folded my cousin on our way to the mall so she couldn’t see where we were.

When we got to the mall, all of her friends were there and waiting for us at the front entrance. Once we got to her friends (who were trying too hard to be quiet), I took off the blindfold.

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My cousin squealed out of excitement for the party. The plan was to split into 2 teams, I would be leading a team and my friend led the other. My friend and I had the scavenger hunt list, but we couldn’t help the girls out. We also had enough cash to pay for the items that had to be bought on the list.


We could only tell them what items were on the list and we took pictures of the girls with the items so we could prove that we actually found the items. Here is the list of the scavenger hunt items:

  • find something that smells like Christmas,
  • find a pair of green feather earrings,
  • put together an outfit at Justice and have all of the girls model the same exact thing,
  • get a picture with a random stranger,
  • find the highest pair of heels in Payless,
  • get a bag of candy from candy crazy that weighs exactly 3 pounds,
  • and everyone must get a bear from Build-a-Bear.

Needless to say, it took a little over an hour for the first team to finish and the second team was just behind them. After we were through with the scavenger hunt, we went to Sbarro’s Pizza in the food court and got 2 pizzas to share.


We also ordered a giant cookie cake from the Cookie Store for desert. After we finished the dinner and desert, we went back to my cousins house and put a movie in for the girls to watch. Most of the girls fell asleep during the movie (Bratz), but some of them didn’t. We put in Lemonade Mouth for the rest of the girls to fall asleep too.

In the morning, my friend and I made a huge breakfast for the girls to eat. We made pancakes, Scottish eggs, scrambled eggs, cinnamon rolls, sausage, bacon, and we had V8 Splash to drink.

After breakfast, my cousin opened all of her presents that she got from the girls. By the time we were done opening presents, the parents starting arriving to pick up their daughters.

For invitations and décor, we went to the Party Outlet and picked up One Direction themed items. (My cousin is absolutely obsessed with them!). We didn’t really have any party costumes, other than the tiaras the girls wore during the scavenger hunt at the mall.

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For party favors, we split the candy that the girls got during the scavenger hunt evenly and they got to keep their Build-a-Bears. It was safe to say that the party was a HIT!

Submitted by Jennifer Johnson

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