Mermaid Birthday Party

by Sherry on September 16, 2012

Mermaid Birthday Party: Prince Charming Awaits!

I have always dream of going to Disneyland so as I can ask them how they bring some of the best kids animated series to life. The glamor in some of them is so surreal and not forgetting the underlying message that they have. I have to admit that I am a cartoon buff and I am not ashamed to state it out loud.

That brings me to the topic for today: Have you ever thought of throwing a mermaid birthday party? You can be bold and have one in your adulthood (and people might think you are either loony or a woman who embraces her inner child), but most pre-teen girls and little girls are the ones who will appreciate a mermaid birthday party. You can consider using The Little Mermaid as an inspiration to the birthday party and have fun engaging the little ones in helping you prepare for the party.

Story behind the character

The Little Mermaid is a story about a mermaid princess called Ariel who is curious about the human world. Together with her friends Flounder (a bright yellow and golden blue colored tropical fish) and Sebastian (a red Jamaican crab), they go to the surface of the ocean and watch Prince Eric (a human) celebrate his birthday party. There Ariel falls in love with Prince Eric and not to be a spoiler, I will leave it at that.

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Mermaid Birthday Party Decorations

You can start by choosing a color scheme of the mermaid birthday party.

Ariel’s favorite color is emerald green and you can use that as a base color. If emerald is not to your taste, you can consider having bright yellow, golden blue, raspberry purple, magenta pink or even dark red. You can play around with color combinations of the aforementioned colors and see how it plays out.

mermaid birthday party

Another thing that you must consider including in a mermaid party is music. Mermaids are known to love all kinds of music and have beautiful signing voices. You can even have musical themed decorations like violins, guitars, keyboards, microphones and anything musical you and the kids can make or acquire cheaply in a party store.

There is a castle and beach option to also be considered in a mermaid party. You can use cardboards and other materials to make a castle or you can even turn it into a game activity where you will ask the kids at the birthday party to make castles and the best castle maker awarded with a small gift.

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Food and Cakes Ideas

For the food, you can consider a seafood platter as well as curving out fruits into the shape of a mermaid, a crab, a flounder fish or any other sea creature you can think of.

You can also have the cake decorated like an under the sea castle or even as the tail of a mermaid.

You can also use sky blue drinking classes or cups to serve the drinks from and give them cool sea names or name them after the little mermaid characters.

For the birthday girl

For the little birthday princess, you will have to consider her attire for her mermaid birthday party.

You can have a star fish hair pin or a flower on her head; a mermaid dress as well as lots of pearls and a tiara o signal that she is the mermaid princess.

One of the boys can be Price Eric and two of her friends can dress like Sebastian and Flounder and

You can have a seat decorated like a cowrie shell for her to seat at and feel like a princess. A mermaid birthday party is a fun way to celebrate your little princess growing older. Give it a try!

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