Mermaid Birthday Party for Six Year Old girl!

by admin on November 7, 2012

At the end of May, 2012 I hosted a mermaid party for my daughter’s 6th birthday party. The theme was perfect for her age group. Most of the guests had just graduated from kindergarten and were ready for some fun.

We had a fourteen foot diameter pool set up in the backyard. There were plenty of toys to go with the theme available at the local Walmart or Target.

We used some plastic fish pool toys and little swimming Barbie dolls around the edge of the pool. We also used a run of grass skirts around the edge of the pool to give it a seaweed look. The kids loved it.

I purchased the cake from a local bakery and struggled to find the perfect mermaid-themed creation. Upon speaking with the bakery staff we decided on a beach themed cake with no toppers. Half of the icing was a beachy brown color. The other half was blue with green and white accents to make ocean water.

I bought a miniature mermaid doll and sat it on the edge. I found sea shaped birthday candles on One of the candles was a seahorse, one was a starfish, and one was a seashell. They were so cute and girly.

I found large banners on Ebay for $3.00 each. I had purchased two and taped them to the side of the house. The banners were about four feet tall by five feet wide. They were mermaid themed and were a great added touch to the event.

We also had blue, purple, and green balloons attached to the backyard fence. I covered two plastic folding tables with blue vinyl table cloths that I had found at Dollar Tree.

I used silver and black Sharpie markers to draw bubbled on the tables. I also used real seashells from previous beach vacations to hold my tablecloths down.

These decorations really helped transform my backyard into a mermaid world.

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The pool was the highlight for the kids. We also had a water balloon fight and a pinata.

I found a toy at Kmart called “The Ticking Tater”. This plastic potato holds a water balloon. There is a knob on the back that you wind. The kids pass it around like “hot potato” and when the timer goes off, the water balloon is crushed! The kids liked it, even though it didn’t fit with the theme of our party.

I would recommend it for any backyard summer party if you don’t mind the kids getting wet. It also is great because it catches the broken water balloon. This made clean up easier!

I made mermaid punch for the guests. It was basically lemonade with green food coloring to make it teal colors. I used star and fish shaped ice cubes as an added touch. I served the beverages in clear solo cups that had been covered in “under the sea” stickers.

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Doing this mermaid party was pretty easy. Luckily, party stores and major retailers tend to have a lot of under the sea themed party supplies.

I never thought I would be able to find a star fish shaped pinata, but Walmart had one!

If you cannot find napkins or tableware in the theme you need, you can always go to Dollar tree and get supplies in solid colors.

I believe the sticking with a color scheme usually helps when trying to dress up a party. Also, when doing this theme, it tends to feel rather feminine.

If inviting boys, you may want to throw in some pirate gear to boy it up. We had some eye patches and pirate hats from a previous event and this with a huge hit for my daughter’s male classmates that attended.

Submitted by Carrie Kimbrough

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