Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

by admin on July 21, 2012

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Ideas. Mickey and Minnie Mouse Clubhouse parties go down a treat for both boys and girls around the world as well as bringing back nostalgic memories for adults because they are so popular.

Because it is so well known, you can a lot of inspiration and party products online or in local stores and most of it is reasonably priced.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Invitations

The Playhouse Disney website has a great invitation card template in the ‘Celebration Center’ section. Here you will also find other ideas if you click on the ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday’ option. There are two invitations to choose from although our favorite is the Zippy Print-and-Send one.

You could however use usual envelopes, either brightly colored or white, to save yourself some ink and to save time folding them (especially if you are planning on inviting quite a few guests.

If you want to personalize it or make your own authentic looking cards, you can download the Disney font at http://www.urbanfonts.com/fonts/Walt_Disney.htm and the Mickey font at http://www.dafont.com/mickey.font.

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Planning Mickey mouse birthday party

Mickey Mouse Decorations for Birthday Party

You can choose to stick to the Mickey and Minnie theme so that you have polka dot table cloths and black and red balloons, plates and cutlery or you can go with the broader Mickey Mouse and the Clubhouse which allows you to use the brighter primary colors of red, blue and yellow for your decorations and party ware.


Although there are loads of Mickey related items that you can set out for party food, you can also be inventive and place other foods in a Mickey head silhouette formation to keep with the theme for example, you can order 1 large pizza and two small ones and then position them so that they look like Mickey’s head and ears.

You can also make a healthy fruit salad by cutting fruits which tie in with Mickey/Minnie colors such as blueberries, strawberries and pineapple. Then scoop out either 3 watermelon halves or 1 watermelon and 2 gala melon halves and place the cut fruit inside. Then arrange the melon fruit bowls on the table so they look like the Mickey head silhouette.

You can also serve hot dogs (hot diggity dogs from the Clubhouse) and make jam, chicken or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut out using Mickey cookie cutters. You can get Mickey shaped pasta shapes which you can add to your regular pasta or pasta salad recipes for another healthy yet fun snack.

mickey mouse birthday party

When the birthday party is over, you can present the guests with a treat bag to take home with them. There are loads of novelty cheap items that you can get to place in them like Minnie hair accessories for the girls, Mickey sunglasses or play watches for the boys, Mickey Mouse fruit snacks, character stationary, and of course, candy.

You can also print each of them a coloring book as Disney coloring pages are widely available on the Internet (and the Playhouse website).

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Supplies

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Activities and Games at the party
  • You can play played either pin the ears on Mickey or pin the bow on Minnie. Find an image of Mickey or Minnie online and trace it onto a large sheet of paper, card or poster board. Pre-cut ears out of black card or make bows out of polka dot ribbon using double sided tape. The children can then take turns to try and get the bow/ears in the right place and the person who is closest can win a small prize, gold star or food item. They can then have a photo taken with the drawing.
  • You can pre-bake plain Mickey shaped cookies for the children to decorate in sugar strands, jelly tots, hundreds and thousands etc which can later be taken home in Ziplock bags as favors.
  • Before the party, draw circles on to black card for the children to cut out and stick onto on to ready-made party hats like Mickey Mouse ears.
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