Miniature Golf Theme Birthday Party

by admin on July 26, 2012

Miniature Golf Theme Birthday Party Ideas and Supplies

Golf party invites can be quite simple as you can have green card with a club or golf ball on or you can hot-glue a colored tee to each invite to set the scene. For birthday party details, you can use golfing terms to make it seem more authentic like including the “Tee Time” when the party will start and that golf course snacks will be “Served at the turn”.

Miniature Golf Theme Birthday Party Decorations

You can have a favor table as the Signing in desk for guests as they come in and you can hand them a score card (you could laminate it and put it on a lanyard), a pen and a plastic golf club which you can find quite cheaply at most toy stores.

To decorate the room, lay some Astroturf on the food tables and green table cloths on the other tables. Scatter golf balls and golf tees over the tables and place green, yellow and white balloons scattered on the floor, tied to chairs or hung from the walls or ceiling.

You can make inexpensive placemats by cutting rectangles from yellow and white wrapping to contrast the grass green table covers.

miniature golf birthday party

Miniature Golf Theme Birthday Party Activities

The main feature of your party can be a miniature golf course that goes around the venue, garden or house. You can get cheap Astroturf and lay it on the ground or your lawn to create greens.

To make the ‘hole’, make a hole at one end of the turf and insert the bottom of a plastic cup that has been cut in half. Make little flags using lollipop sticks or skewers and paper and also a sign naming the hole, how many yards it is and the “Par”.

Make each of the holes different e.g. you can stick pegs or dowels into the ground as obstacles, place a swimming noodle in the way that can be use as a bumper or have a tunnel that they need to through to get to the hole.


You can also:

  • Play golf bingo – Make cards up using various icons like golf balls, clubs, golf carts, tees or flags along with birthday related pictures like balloons, cake and candles and the children can use tees as markers.
  • Decorate green foam visors that the guests can wear during the party and take home as favors.

Free Download Golf Themed Birthday Party Invitations:

golf birthday invitation

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Miniature Golf Theme Birthday Party Food

  • Watering hole – bottles of water with green labels,
  • Club sandwiches
  • White cake pops that look like golf balls on a tee
  • Cupcakes with green icing like grass with a white sweet in the middle
  • Golf goodies – green candy, balls etc ice cream green hawaiin punch, apple jellybeans
  • Grow cress as favors or cress seeds or use it to decorate


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