Movie Birthday Parties

by admin on January 11, 2013

Movie Madness Birthday Party

Who doesn’t love movie night? So why not throw a movie themed party to combine the best of both worlds?

Set up a night for friends and family and let them pick movies, snacks, and celebrate the big day for the birthday boy or girl.

These themes work for both children and adults as long the movies are age appropriate. No matter how it’s planned, however, a movie night at home or at a theater will be sure to please even the most finicky birthday boy or girl.

Movie Birthday Parties Invitations

These can be handmade from cardstock or ordered online but either method will yield satisfying results. Check out the site Pinterest for ideas as well.

Popcorn bags, candy boxes, and movie ticket stubs are all great designs to have on the invites. Think about adding a favorite actor if a theme will be all major films from a certain celebrity. Also, for a more dramatic or elegant feel make the night similar to Oscar night and have the golden statue on the invitations.

Depending on the movies shown and portrayed these are all great ideas for kid’s parties as well. Many children’s favorites have movies that go straight to DVD, transferring a cover from a favorite cartoon or motion picture geared towards a child.

movie birthday party

Movie Birthday Parties Decorations

This should be fun and easy to dress up an area, even a home setting, for a movie night. If the location is an actual theater ask the management if rolling out a red carpet is too much trouble if you purchase the carpet on your own.

Sometimes theaters will even offer party packages with a space to rent for cake and ice cream. Use what they offer in the way of cardboard cutouts for film promotions.

For an at home feel get out bean bag chairs and set up a concession stand on a dining table. Put up movie posters from favorite films, use swags along chairs, and use as many balloons as possible and even put glow sticks in balloons for when the lights go down and the film starts.

Set up a table for a dinner as well if necessary and use popcorn filled bags as place settings or movie stubs with each guest’s name as appropriate. String up lights in certain rooms to give it a more Hollywood glamor feel as well. It might be nice for families that have projectors to set up tents in the backyard and make the party a sleepover.


Movie Birthday Parties Menu

Think snack food, junk food, anything that reminds someone of a movie theater experience. Movie theaters may include hotdogs and drinks with their party packages or simply lower the prices for the birthday event. Ask ahead of time what to expect before deciding on any location.

Have out lots of candy, chips, dip, nachos, popcorn, and soda. Make water available for those who will try to be a little more healthy. For an at home party sometimes simply ordering pizza will work as well. This isn’t about an elegant dinner party this is about a night in with a good movie and friends.

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Movie Birthday Games

No party is complete without games and there are several to choose from. Have guests think of movie quotes they love and write them on a sheet of paper.

Draw papers from a bowl or cup and then have everyone but the person who wrote the quote guess which movie, character, and actor or actress delivered that famous line.

Another fun game is cutting out parts of a celebrity from magazines. Guess the celebrity’s name by either simply looking at their mouth, eyes, or their body with no face. Make this one a little tougher as some people are very good at face memorization.

Finally try to start movie trivia or a classic game of charades to keep things rolling. Then again there is always the definitive game of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Movie Birthday Party Favors

Never let even adult guests leave empty handed. Pass out popcorn bags full of candy or cookies. Maybe even hand out passes to another movie at the theater used for the party location. Make sure to find favors and items that will be age appropriate.

For little ones simply candy, a movie poster, or trading card of their favorite characters will do. Be creative in how these items are packaged.

Use holders that are passed out in theaters for soft drink and popcorn filled with goodies like jewelry or cards and candy as well.

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Whatever movies are watched, wherever the party is held keep the Hollywood theme alive in every aspect. Don’t hold back and go all out with posters and concession stand goodies. This isn’t about being healthy and watching a film from the Sundance Film Festival, this is just about enjoying friends and family on a special birthday.

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