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by admin on October 4, 2012

By playing music in a birthday party, you can make it better. Music theme birthday parties are popular nowadays because music sets the mood. The music of any movie or a famous singer can be played at the party. The music from Disney movies is best for a birthday party.

The songs of Hannah Montana and other musical bands can be played, kids enjoy the music. The decoration should match the theme. Arrange snacks like chips and hotdogs as the kids love this type of food.

A music theme birthday party can be set up like high school musical show. The invitations for that party can be very interesting; you can make ticket invitations and tell all the guests to bring their ticket with them. This makes a party look like high school musical show and everyone has entry ticket for the show. Movies can be arranged for the kids.

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In a music theme birthday party, there should be dance competition between the kids. Tell all of them to show their stuff one by one, by this the party become more interesting. In the end, give special gifts to the winners of the contest.

Gifts should also be given to the other kids so, that they feel good. The three most important things which should be carefully planned is the decoration of the party place, menu for the party and the costumes of the guests. Almost the party supplies for every type of theme are available in the market so, everyone can easily get the supplies and decorate the party as he/she wants.

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If you have arranged a birthday party for small kids then the music especially for the kids ‘Kidz Bop’ albums should be played. You should place the stereo in a safe place, out of reach from the kids. Music can be used in almost every type of occasion, as everyone likes it. The music should be selected keeping in mind the age of the kid for whom you have planned the birthday party.The choices of teenagers and kids are different. You can also play the music of fifties, sixties or seventies.

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Tell you guest to dress up according to the music theme you have selected for party. Background music is best to set the environment for a fantastic party. Before the beginning of the party, make it sure that all the things are well organized. To make a party memorable, use the best decorations available related to the theme. The venue should be selected which suits the theme. You should also hire any transportation if any of your guests needs it. If you are not very creative, you can also hire a party planner to help you.

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