Mustache Bash Ideas

by admin on January 5, 2013

Throw a Mustache Bash

A party that can be fun for all ages is a mustache bash. Having guests don a handlebar mustache for a silly party with friends and family is a great way to get laughs and is also a pretty trendy way to celebrate.

Lots of planners are offering this party and even personality and chef, Rachel Ray, has a creative way to throw a mustache bash.

Planning Mustache Bash

Getting started with this party is very simple and there are lots of ideas to be had. A mustache bash can be thrown anywhere, at home, a park, or a rented hall will all work.

Invitations are also so much fun to put together and there are several templates around the net to help you get started. Rachel Ray has a downloadable template for a dashing mustache bash invitation that works for either adult or children’s parties. Her site does require membership but it is free.

mustache bash

Next as a party planner goes down a list they’ll decide what type of decorations to use and this is where it gets fun:

  • Buy black cardstock and then make your own templates for a handlebar mustache.
  • Cut out different versions of the mustache or one uniform version is fine.
  • Make several of these mustaches and turn some of them into straw toppers by punching a hole in their center.
  • It’s a really unique way and people will look like they’re wearing their mustache while sipping their drinks before and after dinner.
  • Having kept back some of the cut out mustaches, use hot glue or another strong adhesive to glue them to sticks.
  • This is in case people forget their own mustaches before coming to the party. They can hold the little stick in front of their mouth and still participate.

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Set the background

Set up an area for pictures. Have people pose with their mustaches making faces, hugging, or simply being silly. This also works for either adult or small children’s parties. It’s just another way to incorporate the use of the mustache and make people feel a part of the theme. Some people will even have a few pairs of big glasses to add to the mustache effect.

Place settings could be different versions of mustaches again cut out from cardstock and glued to formal card backgrounds. Add a small barber pole as a center piece perhaps or a basket of mustaches on a stick and a pair of large black framed glasses as a topper. Sit some black licorice around as well as a throw back to what barber shops used to pass out to children in the old days.

Mustache Bash Menu Ideas

When thinking of the menu make sure to still include the mustache as much as possible.

  • Make cake, cupcakes, or hors d’oeuvres with mustaches on the front.
  • Designing a mustache in icing isn’t hard and can add just the right flair.
  • For children’s parties make individual cupcakes with black mustaches or one large cake with a huge mustached face wearing glasses on the front.
  • Hors d’oeuvres for adult parties can forgo the theme a bit and liven up the menu with exotic sandwiches, a pâté, or smoked salmon.
  • However, don’t forget to add mustache cookies. They can be baked on a wooden skewer stick or simply eaten cut out as is but outline the shape in a darker icing.

Above all wear the mustaches, have fun, take pictures, and wish the birthday guy or gal well. Don’t be afraid to be silly or go overboard. With this new trendy party idea people will be sure to have fun no matter what.

Mustache Bash Pictures on Pinterest

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