My 24th Halloween Birthday Party

by admin on October 20, 2012

My name is Rachel and I live in Pennsylvania. I am turning 24 and planning my own party. It’s before Halloween but we always go with the theme as it’s my favorite holiday and I love the fall season.

I already have the whole house decorated with fall things like trees, pumpkins, scarecrows, and of course orange and purple lights everywhere I can get them. I have a huge lit spider web on the wall. The mantel is strung with lights and so are the windows with an orange candelabra in the middle.

There are fake tombstones and spider webs along the windows, along with little ghosts. The trees I have are mural like with one orange and one red. I got them in a discount store, probably Dollar Tree, I love their decorations. I will have candles in a bunch of places and oils burning in fall scents to liven up our space. I make candles myself so this is fun and easy. I may even give candle favors as everyone leaves!

Adult Halloween Birthday Party

I plan on inviting everyone through a social networking site as it’s quick and easy. Everyone will be encouraged to dress up in costume. They will also be encouraged to bring a food dish to share, but this is not necessary! I plan on making deep fried pickles which are amazing if you’ve never had them. I will make other things too but haven’t decided what just yet.


The usual basics like chip and dip or maybe pizza we’ll definitely have. There will be favors like spider rings placed in little orange and black tumblers for the guests to pick up and take, and all kinds of candy. I have a huge pumpkin jar that I will put candy corn in too. Food will be in the kitchen and the party will be in the living room. I want to make themed drinks for this party and my friend suggested giving them names Halloween names, so stuff like Spooky Cider or Spider Cider, that kind of thing.

I plan on having a costume contest with prizes for the guests. We will do this about mid-party and award them their prizes. It is my party but another friend of mine has her birthday beforehand, it will be for her too somewhat. We are going to bake a cake and make it orange, black, and purple. It is a Jello recipe, you mix the jello directly into the cake and the effect is marbled cake with fruity flavor in it. It’s so very good! My friend and I can blow out candles together, we’re practically sisters.


We will have music in the living room playing on my laptop. I have huge speakers so we hook it up and play them while we all chill together. I’m going to make up a playlist for it with music that’s a little Halloween-y but we like a lot of dub step while the party is going on. It’s techno but with more beats.

We plan on carving pumpkins before the party so we will have them ready for it too. I have new designs I’ve been wanting to try out since last year and I’ve bought a new carver. We will have them displayed around the house for everyone to enjoy. I am very excited for this party and to see all of my friends. Fall and Halloween are my absolute favorites next to Christmas time.


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