My Little Angel’s Tinkerbell Birthday Party

by Sherry on September 12, 2012

Unless you are an adult who still loves fairies and still believes in fairy tales, I do not foresee you having a Tinkerbell Birthday Party (no offense!).

I do not believe in fairies but my children do, especially my three year old girl who absolutely loves watching Peter Pan and the adventures of Tinkerbell. When it was time to start planning her sixth birthday party, I was not surprised when she said she wanted a Tinkerbell birthday party.

She wanted to be a fairy for a day and sprinkle pixie dust everywhere. Are they not sweet and cute at that age? But with the cuteness, they can sure litter and that is why I started my shopping by buying a plastic floor cover to cover the area of the house the kids will be partying at.

Tinkerbell is known to live in Pixie Hollow so I had to look for decorations like little plants, grass, trees and fairies to make the room look enchanted and picturesque.

I also had to buy green, pink, orange and lavender wall papers to decorate the party room, known henceforth as Pixie Hollow! I also bought sparkle to act as pixie dust (the dust fairies use to be able to fly and what not).

tinkerbell party

Making Tinker Cake

My little angel wanted cupcakes (an assortment of strawberry, chocolate and ice-cream cupcakes) that had pixie dust (sugar sprinkles of different colours) on it to give to her classmates and friends as part of the invite.

I also had to go to the bakers to get a two tier tinker cake. It was a chocolate fudge cake (her favourite) covered with green fondant and decorated with pink and purple flowers and a tinkerbell on top of it.

Speaking of invitations, I had to buy tiny little bells (because Tinker sounds like a the ringing of a bell) and some purple and green manila paper, different shades of glitter as well as golden sparkles for my baby to make her invitation cards.

Not professional but at least it had a personal touch and her friends and classmates loved the homemade invitation cards! If you are having a Tinkerbell birthday party for you girl, do not forget the bells and the sparkles and fairy wings to make it as real as possible!

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Welcome to Pixie Hollow!

The day for my angel’s party started early for me. I am used to sleeping in on Saturdays but I had to drag my arse out of bed and start preparing for the invited guests. I was lucky my husband was willing to lend a hand so was my sister and sister in law. We had to blow up balloons, confetti the room and make sure that the room looked as real as the picture of Pixie hollow I was given.

Thank God my husband has excellent drawing skills as he managed to also put up a drawing of a stream with frogs in the room to make it more surreal.

The fairies were in place and the fairy wings my angel and her friends will wear set up near the entrance. Mash mellows, candy bars and gum balls were in plenty and the tinker cake placed at the far end of the room to avoid any accidents.

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Tinkerbell Birthday Party Games

There is no way you can have a kid’s party without playing a game or two to entertain and keep them busy; unless you want to be running around the house!

For the first game, we hid tinkerbell somewhere in Pixie Hollow and left clues around Pixie Hollow to help the kids find tinkerbell. It is just like treasure hunt as tinkerbell was the treasure to be found. The person who found tinkerbell would earn fairy wings and an extra bag of pixie dust. We also played dress up where the girls came up with outfits for tinkerbell and the best outfit worn a gift back filled with trinkets, pixie dust, bells and some glitter.

My little angel enjoyed her party, I did not have much to clean thanks to the plastic cover on the floor of Pixie Hollow and the tinker cake was well received. The guests had fun and all went home happy kids with their Pixie Hollow gift basket. I wonder what the next birthday party will hold, sigh!

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