My little pony theme birthday

by admin on October 2, 2012

My Little Pony theme birthday for your little kid

I remember it like it was yesterday, the day my baby girl turned five. I tried to give the best party in the block just to see her happy, and I think I did it.

Now, watching her taking a nap, makes me wonder if there are other parents without good ideas to make their child happy. That’s why I will share with you My Little Pony theme birthday party that I made for my daughter, so you can make it or adapt as your kid’s desires.

Planning My Little Pony Birthday Party

To start the journey to the perfect birthday party, you must provide invitations. Because my daughter loves to draw, I let her decorate the invitations, originally written with all the details for the party. She loves to draw a rainbow, a car, a house, butterfly and many others on each invitation, so that was kind of an easy job.

my little pony party

Keep in mind that the invitation don’t really address to young kids, but to their parents. Also, my daughter wanted to bring balloons at kinder garden with the invitations.

It was actually quite nice to see all those happy faces, trying to read the invitations, playing joyfully with the My Little Pony balloons.

I encountered some difficulties when decorating the house for the party. For starters, I found out it is really hard to find My Little Pony theme birthday party decorations when you realize it’s the day before the party and you haven’t even thought about it.

So make sure to plan ahead, and buy every item of decoration you can find, with at least a week before the birthday. I used a craft paper instead of a table cloth. This way, the kids could write and draw everything they want on the table, without having to keep an eye on them not to draw on walls.

I had also decorate the entire house with My Little Pony toys, clouds, flowers and rainbows, and also balloons in the shape of the pony.

I was a bit nervous when it came to food, because I’m not really a great cook, but my daughter helped me a lot. I just asked her what she wanted to eat for her birthday, and she began to tell me: pizza, hot dogs, nuggets and chocolate. It was actually her perfect combo food combination. I then prepared everything she asked for, but mini. I had mini-pizza, mini-hot dogs and mini-chocolate bars. Of course, the nuggets couldn’t be any mini-er. The kids loved everything there was and wanted more. So if you plan to prepare these, make a lot.

I have to admit my daughter is a creative and intelligent little human being, so my job before the party was mostly asking her what she wanted and then do it.

Like I did with the activities. I asked her what she wants to play, and the first thing she said was “pin the pony’s tale.” So I printed a big My Little Pony, cut his tale off and then prepare it for the kids. Again, this too was a great success.

So, if you ever plan to have a My Little Pony theme birthday for your little one, try to follow his or her thinking, because your kids might surprise you with their creativity.

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