My Son’s Zombie Halloween Birthday Party

by admin on October 20, 2012

For my son’s 8th birthday, he wanted to combine Halloween with his birthday party, since he’s born on the 29th and Halloween is on the 31st. He knew immediately that he wanted to dress up as a zombie and have an “Undead” theme. Of course, his sister was definitely eager to join in on the fun and festivities.

For invitations, we sent out little cards in the shape of ghosts and pumpkins and tombstones to his fellow classmates, all handmade and cut out of regular pieces of paper simply using stencils to get the shape. Everyone loved them so much.

For decorations, we strung up some of the artificial cobwebs and placed the plastic and cardboard gravestones around the living room, writing the names of family members and some of his friends name on them along with some funny eulogies to go along with.

The kids thought they were so funny and were happy to have a personalized piece of decoration to take home with them afterwards. Less clean up for me to do in the end!

Zombie Halloween Birthday Party

My son was dressed up as a zombie, as well as my daughter, simply by using simple theater makeup and fake blood. The kids came dressed in their costumes and they all went trick or treating together, supervised by my husband as I prepared the after trick or treating treat, before coming back and having the said treat.


For treats, I made the ‘dirt in a cup’, which is chocolate pudding with gummy worms and crushed Oreos sprinkled over and Rice Krispie treats garnished with M&M’s.

We also ate pepperon-‘eye’ pizza, a simple pepperoni pizza with black olive slices on the pepperonis to simulate an eyeball, for the main entrée and played pin the arm on the zombie.

The kids spent ample time sitting around and going through their bags of candy, having a piece here and there or trading pieces as they wished.

For a cake, I had a simple ice cream cake for my son and he enjoyed it greatly. The top of the cake was decorated with zombies and ghosts and his name written along with “Happy Birthday”. Since the kids had gone trick or treating, I didn’t do any party favors, wanting to spare their parents of too much sugar overdose.

For a competition, we did a ‘scariest zombie’ competition. With some simple makeup and fake blood, we were able to create mini-zombies with the kids and took pictures to see who thought made the most scariest zombie out of them all.


The kids thought that was the most fun, equivalent to face painting at a regular birthday party. The kids got to go home after 2 hours of fun and merriment and the parents thanked us for a Halloween that was definitely a hit amongst the kids and gave the parents a break for one holiday a year.

It was absolutely successful. I recommend this type of party for any kid or grown up with a Halloween birthday. Its relatively inexpensive and tons of fun for any kid or adult to recreate.

Submitted by: Nicole Zick


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