Night out in Boston For College Girl Birthday Party!

by admin on October 24, 2012

I am in college and my roommate’s birthday was October 22nd. I decided to plan a little surprise for her birthday party over the weekend. I went out to buy decorations for our room.

I purchased fifteen white balloons that had happy birthday written on them, little confetti circles, multicolor streamers, and signs. After, I went to buy two ice cream cakes. I put her age on one cake and then the first letter of her name on the other.

One cake was cookie dough, and the other cake was mint chocolate chip. Those two are her favorite flavors. I did not send out invitations, just texts to everyone who wanted to surprise her for her birthday. We all planned to stay in the room, until she came back, and then to yell surprise.

I put up all the decorations I had previously bought all over the room, and on the outside of the door. I stuck tape to the balloon and put them all over the walls. I also put confetti into the balloons and spread it across the outside of the door.

I got a text from her saying that she was coming back home, so I got everyone together so that we could hide. As she came in, we all yelled, “Happy Birthday!!!!” We then all relaxed and ate the cake together.

After all the guys had left, the girls started getting ready, because I let them all know we were going into Boston for dinner for Michelle’s birthday.

Everyone got dressed up in heels and nice dresses. We took taxis into the city. I had reserved dinner at 7 at Papa Razzi, an Italian restaurant. I had not made any set menu for the dinner, but we all ordered basically the same things.

We ordered nice bread and bruschetta for the table. We then ordered pasta dishes and some margarita pizza. From my bag, I took out a cute cone shaped birthday hat for her. And as she put on the hat, people walking by would yell, “Happy Birthday!” to her.

I went off to the bathroom, but I really went to go ask one of the waitresses if they could bring out a cake or something for her birthday at the end of dinner. As dinner finished, the lights dimmed, and a few waiters and waitresses came out to sing happy birthday.

One of the waiters was carrying a large plate with a huge piece of chocolate cake with a massive candle in it. We then all shared the piece of cake and paid for the check. We taxied home, and then once we got back to our home, her guy friends had set up the house for a large party.

There were cocktails set out and chips and salsa ready. We had a few speakers up around the rooms blasting techno pop music. She was really surprised and had a ton of fun.

We invited more of our friends over and danced to the music. We had no party costumes or anything like that for this party.

This was a pretty casual birthday surprise day, but she was still really surprised and happy that we planned something nice for her. At the end of the night we took out all our presents for her and she got to open all of our wrapped gifts. We all got her some times of clothes, joke gifts, and gift cards.

Submitted by: Pheabe Chen

Night out in Boston

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