10 cool things to do when no one comes to the party.

by admin on December 14, 2012

You throw a birthday party but nobody shows up? – Every parent’s worst nightmare on their child’s birthday is the possibility of no-shows. Despite the best preparations and R.S.V.P. tactics this can still happen.

Whatever the reason, weather, illness, or simply a crossed wire between parents, the child will be disappointed and need reassurance that their special day is still important. Being positive is fine, but parents should always be prepared in the event a child is left looking out their window for friends that won’t be coming.

A parent’s first reaction will be anger at seeing their child so unhappy and disappointed. It’s okay for the child to be hurt and disappointed and it’s also okay for mom and dad to be a little upset with friends and family, especially those who have sent an R.S.V.P.

Just remain calm and attempt to salvage the day. Don’t give into anger and spoil the day further start making alternative plans.

no one comes to the party

Here are a few suggestions to make save the day.


Bowling sounds boring at first but not if it’s disco ball bowling. Parents can watch their child bowl under flashing lights and squeal with delight as they learn about the game or improve their score. Understanding management may even throw in a free game or menu item.

Neighborhood Parade

If the child is dressed up already for their themed party, dress up with them and have a parade down the sidewalk telling everyone it’s their birthday. Be silly and creative and get neighbors involved if they will but keep the focus on the child.

Make another Cake

Get in the kitchen and start baking. Make a mess, make noise, and make the child giggle and laugh. Making another cake or a batch of cookies takes the child’s mind off why they didn’t have their party and lets them get messy in the kitchen.

Zoo Time

Go to the zoo but stayed dressed up or in themed costume. Again, dress up like the child to make them feel special and that the day is as important to their parent as it is to them. Other children will be at the zoo and this can lead to impromptu play.

Daytime Slumber Party

Make up sleeping bags and floor beds in the living room and put on the little one’s favorite shows or movies. Laugh and tell stories, even scary ones, under blankets and turn out all the lights so flashlights can be used. Camp out and just spend the day focused on the birthday boy or girl

Aquarium Time

Those lucky enough to live near an aquarium can make a quickly planned trip. Switching gears so the child doesn’t have time to think about not having guests is best and aquatic life is always fascinating. Again other children will be in attendance and in play areas.

Go to a Favorite Restaurant

Call ahead to a child’s favorite restaurant and explain the situation. Managers will be very understanding and most likely set up a table just for the child and their family. Servers will come out and sing and many times cake and ice cream is served or a menu item given for free.

Park Time

Again, stay fully dressed in theme attire and head to the local park. Kids will be swinging and running around and some will love jumping into a shelter house for impromptu cake and ice cream. Being surrounded by other children will make the birthday boy and girl forget why they were relocated to the park in the first place.

Make a Fort

Turn the day into one of role play. Some little boys and girls will love the idea of building their own fort out of blankets and chairs in the living room and having mom or dad involved. Think up play scenarios such as hide and seek but keep the child occupied.

Go to Grandma’s

When all else fails, grandmas always fit the bill. Those grandparents who live on farms will be especially helpful in taking the child’s mind away from the spoiled party plans. However, even those who live in the city can bring a smile to a child’s face if grandpa

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