Old movie theme birthday ideas

by admin on October 5, 2012

Old movie theme birthday

is all about arrange an old movie to watch with the friends. Gather the gang of friends on your birthday night for a fabulous old movie theme birthday. First, you can make the invitations for your old themed movie party with some old stuff. Second, arrange the decor and all the details.

Here are the decoration ideas:

  • The party area should be decorated like a movie theater. Centerpiece is a must for arranging an Old movie theme birthday party. You can set a Hollywood cascade as a centerpiece. Clapboard can also be set as a centerpiece because you theme is light, camera, action.
  • For old themed parties you can decorate the party area with black and white photos pasted on the walls.
  • An impressive arrival is a wonderful beginning of the party. You can also use a simple red carpet for the entrance, with this every guest feels him/her like a super star. You can use red carpets, golden statuette, and music award statuettes.
  • You can name every table resembling with the name of old movie celebrities.
  • Prepare popcorn for your guests. You can serve your guests with snacks while watching movie or buffet can also be arranged.
  • If you have a video camera you can interview your guests after the movie and check out their reviews. Let your guests have all the fun.
  • To add flavor to the party, tell everyone to dress up like the celebrities use to dress up in the old movies.
  • You can decorate the place of party with the movie reels spread everyone that are used for making movies in old times.

old movie birthday party

Food and Cakes ideas

  • Cake for the party can be ordered according to the theme like with three layers, the top of the cake with clapboard made of cream dressing and the name of the birthday boy or girls written on it, the second and third layer of the cake with the dressing like a movie reel. This type of cake will look so beautiful and perfectly matches the theme.
  • Popcorn glass shaped cupcakes can also be added in the menu for the party. Another brilliant idea of cake for an old movie theme birthday party is a big popcorn shaped cake with the white and red stripes on the bottom and popcorns made on the top with off white color cream.
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    Old movie theme birthday Games

    Old movie theme birthday Games

    You can arrange games to play at the party to make it interesting. One of the games that are related to the theme is to cut the photographs of different celebrities into pieces and tell the kids to join the pieces and another game is to cut the photographs, show different parts of the face to the kids and tell the kids to guess the name of the celebrity.

    If you are arranging games for the kids then you should also purchase some gifts to give to the winners of the games. If you have never arranged any old movie theme birthday party, try it now!

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