Olympics theme birthday party ideas

by admin on October 4, 2012

Planning an Olympic theme birthday party ideas

Birthday parties are the best occasion on which kids enjoy so;a birthday party does not have the same old party theme. Kids love the themes depending on their age and gender so; selection of the party theme is the most important decision.

Olympic birthday theme is the most interesting type of party theme. This theme is great for boys. This theme is also superb for the sporty girls.

Olympic theme birthday party games

The games involved in the party keeps the guests engaged the whole time. The kids can be divided into two groups so that they can have competition. By playing different games kids remain active and fresh. The games which can be played at the party include volleyball, table tennis, a relay race, badminton etc.

There are many Olympic themed parties are arranged in spacious lawns. The fun can be increased by telling the kids to come dressed up according to the theme.

Easy decorations for Olympics theme birthday party:

  • One can hang the streamers of yellow color all over the lawn or party space. Different colors can be used for the decoration purpose related to the theme.
  • The party area can be decorated with colorful balloons.
  • Olympic posters can be pasted on the walls to set the atmosphere of the party.

olympic birthday party

For making the party entertaining after every game, the host can give medals to the winner of the game. These medals can be chocolates which are packed in golden or silver colored foils. Olympics race is one of the games that kids can play at the party.

Decide a starting point and tell the kids to run the Olympic race. If the kids are running in the lawn then it is safe but if the race is outside the home, then two elders should go with them. If the host has decided to arrange the Olympics race then he should purchase the medals for all the kids.

Various Olympic themed party supplies can make the party unforgettable. Give all the kids favors with which they can feel special. There can be favors like fake gold and silver medals, pen or pencils.


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