Outdoor Birthday Party Themes

by admin on December 23, 2012

Family Fun Outdoor Birthday Party Themes Ideas – Kids and the outdoors go hand in hand. That’s why sometimes an outdoor birthday party is a great idea! It gives kids the chance to be really free with their play.

Parents usually like the idea of not having to rent large halls or multipurpose buildings for events and love going to parks or simply using their own backyard.

Here are some quick ideas that will make an outdoor party fun and birthday boys and girls all around grin from ear to ear.

Outdoor Birthday Party Themes

Carnival Party

This is a festive and exciting way to start a child’s birthday off right. Use lawn tables with colorful umbrellas to set up areas for eating and sitting presents and party favors. Get toy stick horses and put the kids in a circle to mimic a carousel. Hiring a face painter or a clown works great here as well. Lots of vibrant colored balloons tied to chairs and the stick horses are a great touch as well.

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If there is a clothesline available drape multicolored or bright sheets over the line and leave a hole in the middle so children feel like they’re going into a tent for an event. Sit up booths for throwing horseshoes or a duck pond type game. Musical chairs are also a good idea or even sack races to keep the kids active. Just be creative and never think inside the box. A game booth theme can also be used for invitations if parents want to make their own or have their children help design them. Some construction paper and glue should do the trick.

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Baseball Party

An American classic like baseball is always a good thing. Little girls or boys will love this theme as they can have their friends over for a game in the back yard or the park. Most cities would like advance notice before setting up something bigger but it’s not usually a problem. Using the local baseball diamond and the shelters at the park make this an easy to plan party. Baseball invitations, plates, and cups are easy to find and they never are out of stock at most party places.

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A great way to spend the day and for even the parents of the invited children to come and enjoy, baseball never fails. Just be sure to make the theme standout as it can get lost sometimes. Even some baseball cards in favor bags are awesome to give out at the end. Kids simply can’t be unhappy with this type of theme.

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Obstacle Course

This theme can go with any kind of cake or decoration. Set up things in the backyard or a park. Ladders that are sanded can be fun for kids to run through as can a table with balloons completely covering the underside. Kids can crawl through the balloons to get to the other side after mastering the ladder. Also set up stations for eggs to be held on spoons and kids have to get to a certain point without dropping their egg. Find some orange caution cones that are available, have children ride bikes or other pedal vehicles through the cones set up.

This will take a bit of setting up but the children will love it. Any kind of sport for cups and plates and party favors will do. Some can make cookie medals for winning events even. Obstacle course birthdays will definitely wear the kids out and they will fall asleep smiling.

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