Just for Kids – Lets Party Like The 90s!

by admin on May 26, 2013

I am not sure why any child would want to have a 90s themed birthday party, however, if they do, there are many things you can do to make it fun for everyone!

As usual, the invitations should come first (after choosing a birthday theme of course) in addition to matching the theme of the party. These 90s themed birthday party invitations should be mailed or brought to each guest in person, try very hard not to call any of the childs’ friends’ parents and tell them about the party. That is not what anyone would do in the 90s.

90s themed birthday invitation

There are many fun ways to decorate for a 90s birthday party. Do you remember those ‘Magic Eye’ books? You can blow up some of those images out of the book and hang them around the house! Do you remember those ‘slap bands’? You could give one to each guest as they arrive! Everyone should be dressed in a 90s style of clothing, so be sure to tell everyone in the invitation.

The activities of any birthday party depend on the age group of the children, however if this party is being held in the summer, a fun outdoor activity is for all the children to have a ‘Super Soaker’ war! If you are going to do this, say so in the invitation so the other parents know to pack extra clothes for each child.

Lets Party Like The 90s

When it is time for all the kids to wind down, another nice activity is to have the children pick a comfortable spot in the living room (or whichever room the television is in) and put on the best 90s television shows! This also depends on the age group; if you have a younger age group, have them watch The Rugrats or Doug. If these children are in the older age group, have them watch Nickelodeon game shows that used to come on, or Bill Nye the Science Guy!

90s themed birthday food

Food is important at every party, however the 90s snacks were much different from today’s snacks. 90s food was less fatty and had less sodium than today’s food. People were not eating McDonalds three times a day as they are now; however, the 90s were not healthy either.

Lunchables were very popular in the 90s. For a fun snack, you could serve the kids a variety of Lunchables! In addition, kids love candy, so after their snack serve them “dessert” by serving Gushers or War Heads! For the kids drinks, you can serve them soda (I don’t think they will mind a little caffeine!); I am not sure if you will be able to find drinks that were popular in the 90s anymore.

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