Peter Pan Birthday Party

by admin on December 26, 2012

Peter Pan birthday party that will make kids grin

Every parent looks for the perfect theme and setting for their child’s birthday party. There are so many to choose from and so many different television and movie themes that it’s almost impossible to pick just one.

Children have so many ideas of their own, but in the end whatever the parent chooses will be perfect in their eyes.

Here is an idea for Peter Pan birthday theme that is still fun and children will adore. Some may even want to help participate in the planning process themselves.

Peter Pan Birthday Party Theme

This is a tried and true classic. The boy who will never grow up and always use his imagination and some pixie dust is still a winner with children.

It helps that Disney has also marketed Tinker Bell as a major animated character for the better part of the last decade. Starting out with this theme isn’t difficult a simple Google search yields many results of deals and tons of ideas.

Peter Pan’s shadow

Peter Pan Birthday Party
One woman found a cut out of Peter Pan’s shadow and tacked them all over the wall of the main party room. The scene where Peter fights his own shadow and having that as a decoration will have kids associate the movie and the theme even more. There is also a cardboard cut-out of Peter Pan available at Oriental Trading for $35.00. This way Peter greets the children at the door with his classic smirk.

Invitations can usually be specially printed at sites like Etsy. A Peter Pan and Tinker Bell invitation is available for $15.00. Parents can have the invitations specially made. Another idea would be to cut out Peter’s shadow and use those as invitations as well on construction paper. Parent will either have to use the purchased shadow cut outs or make a design on their own. Dotting the invitation with stars would be a good touch.

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Create Neverland in your house

Plates and napkins may be difficult to find but green and yellow plates will be just fine as will the same color of streamers and balloons. Don’t be afraid to deck the house out for the little Neverland adventurers. Have stars, signs that say “Welcome to Neverland,” posted around, and even in the backyard, put up cardboard cutouts of teepees like the lost boys played in with the tribesmen. Children can help paint the teepee designs.

Cutting out stars to be placed on the ceiling in the main party room if the party will be indoors is a good touch since it was second star on the right that Peter always used to navigate. For a party that is going to focus more on a pirate theme that goes along with Peter Pan, children will like to see plastic hooks as table centerpieces or place settings. A pirate’s chest set up in the middle of the table is a great touch too, or it could be opened at the end of the party and a child take out their party favor.

Creating a mermaid lagoon isn’t a bad touch either. Wading pools are cheap and parents can fill the pool with plastic ducks and mermaid dolls and fish. Also, if they have an area in the backyard grassier than another they can sit the pool in the middle of that to create a more realistic feel of a lagoon.


  • Perfect for boys who never grown up
  • Let the children fly! with pixie dust
  • Green is the main color for the decorations
Peter Pan Outfit

When inviting other children include that they should be dressed in pajamas or their favorite Peter Pan costume. Parents will like the pajama idea better as it means not buying a specific outfit, but kids who have Halloween costumes that still fit can come dressed as Neverland residents. Kids like to dress up period.

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Peter Pan Birthday Party Activities

Like in Peter Pan, the kids can form a parade and go around the neighborhood and backyard. Kids can dress up as their favorite Peter Pan character to make the parade even more fun. If any of the children dress up as little pirates it’s best to ask they not bring swords to avoid issues that some parents may have, but allowing them to chase after Wendy, Peter, and the Lost Boys, like in the movie and book, isn’t so bad during the parade.

peter pan sayings

Making little bags of pixie dust in light green tulle to throw around is a great idea. Pixie dust can be glitter or colored sand or even tiny shredded confetti. Kids can pretend to fly after sprinkling one another and proclaiming their belief in fairies. Ask the kids to share their happy thoughts that are helping them learn how to fly for some added interactive play.

When the day is over all the little ones can take home a memento from the party. Let them have a balloon of their own, a hook that was a place setting, or send home their own cupcakes. This helps with cleanup and saves on buying a lot of party favors for the treasure chest if that is the route the parent took.

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