Pirate Birthday Party For 5 years old boy

by admin on November 7, 2012

Recently I planned a birthday party for my five year old son. We live near the beach and my son had expressed an interest in pirates, so I thought that this would be a great party theme for him.

For decorations, we chose the pirate theme that Party City carried. Party City is convenient to our home and their prices are reasonable.

I purchased a plastic table cloth, two centerpieces, helium balloons and Mylar pirate balloons, goodie bags, and prizes that followed the red, black, and white pirate theme.

Additional decorations were provided by the entertainer that we hired who was a professional pirate. He contributed a treasure chest, pirate flags, and a banner.

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The best part of the party was the entertainment. I met our pirate through a friend. A musician for more than thirty years, our pirate had been diagnosed with diabetes and due to some complications of his illness; he had to have a leg amputated below the knee. He took this life challenge and incorporated it into his performance. His prosthesis is covered with skulls and cross-bones and he had a very authentic pirate costume complete with a parrot perched on his shoulder. My son was thrilled when the pirate “staggered” down the steps, greeted the crowd with a hearty “Avast and ahoy!” and gave my son a “real” pirate hat to wear while watching the show.

He entertained the children for about two hours with historically accurate pirate lore, jokes, original pirate songs and a hilarious puppet show. He played some party games with the children and prizes were “golden” doubloons from his treasure chest. He also talked to the kids on their level about the importance of good nutrition and taking care of their health and when my son had questions, the pirate invited him up to inspect his leg. The lack of nutrition that pirates had access to while away at sea was a great segue to the importance of good nutrition and how easy it is in our society to eat healthy.

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While our pirate really made the party special, anyone could use his creative ideas to host their own special pirate party. Gold doubloons are easy to find at any party store, and one activity that the children enjoyed was using home-made treasure maps of our house to follow clues to find their hidden treasure (goodie bags). If the weather is nice, this could be an outside activity as well. A sand box could serve as an island, with treasures buried in the sand for the guests to dig up. An existing swing set or fort could serve as a pirate ship for outside pirate play.

Aside from the traditional pirate themed birthday cake, the children got to drink “grog” (punch) from plastic goblets and after singing Happy Birthday, we all participated in a few round of “A Pirate’s Life for Me.”

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After the kids started to crash from the sugar rush and all of the physical activity, our family settled down to a Pirate’s of the Caribbean movie marathon.

My children are 5, 9, and 13. Because of the difference in their ages, they don’t often enjoy the same activities, but this party was a hit across the board with all three, and the adults had fun as well!

Submitted by Ashley Fox

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