Pirate birthday theme

by admin on October 2, 2012

Pirate birthday theme

The most special day of the year for a kid is his/her birthday so, every kid want to celebrate it with his/her friends. Kids live in the world of fantasies.

For a pirate birthday theme, the whole event can be decorated with the things related to the pirates like the pirate flags, treasure boxes or chest boxes.

Pirate Birthday Ideas

Pirate  themed birthday party

Pirate costumes can also be purchased from the store for the kids. The pirate costumes can be the best thing in the party, it includes the hat with three corners, eye patches, plastic hooks and fake weapons can also be given to them for playing.

The pirate theme for the birthday party is best for the boys as compared to the girls. For making the party engaging for the boys, different pirate games can be arranged for them like swab the deck or walk the plank.

Another very interesting game related to the pirates is treasure hunt. On one corner of the available space for the party, treasure area can be made by using sand, bottle containing messages, sea shells and a lot of gold jewelry. This decoration will surely give a superb look. The place can be made look like a ship of pirates.

pirate birthday party

A great way of inviting the kids to the party is by sending them invitations on a paper that looks very old like a treasure map. Add all the information of the birthday party on it like the time and place. For making the invitation more impressive, the stickers of skulls can be pasted on it.

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Pirate Birthday Party Food and Cakes

Prepare the food for the kids according to the theme like hot dogs and chocolate pudding with chocolate gold coins inside it.

Concentrate on sea food to be prepared as the pirates like seafood. Fish and shrimps can be cooked.

The main eatable in a birthday party is cake. For a pirate birthday theme party, a cake look like treasure box can be ordered.

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Pirate Birthday Party Favors

If someone wants to add music then pirate songs can be played. At the end of the party don’t say good bye to the kids empty hand, give them bags containing gift.

The gift bag should contain the products either eatables or toys that are related to the theme. In the bag you can add chocolate bar, eye patches, tattoos, chocolate gold coins, pirate stickers etc.

Everyone wants to arrange an event in budget and pirate birthday theme can be easily arranged within the budget because the birthday supplies are available at affordable rates everywhere in the market.

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The most important part of organizing an event is the planning. A person should have good ideas of making a birthday party impressive and unforgettable.

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