Pirate Theme Birthday Party For 6 years old boy

by admin on November 8, 2012

For my Son’s sixth birthday I asked my son what he wanted it to be about. He was real excited, but then he fell silent. He couldn’t decide what, so I went online to show him some themes. At his first look one theme caught his eye out of the many car and pink princess themes. It was the classic pirate Theme!

Ever since he watched the Pirates of the Caribbean movie he was just interested in pirates and anything to do with them. So that’s when I started preparing for a party he will never forget.

My son was spending the night before his Birthday at his grandma’s house. From there, she would drive him to school. After school he will spend 2 hours more at Grandma’s house before he returns home, greeted by the party. So I had only limited time to prepare.

First, my brother Tom, went to Party City to buy pirate related items and decoration. He brought home a Pirate pinata, Pirate goody bags and filled with candy, pirate plates, cups, and napkins, confetti, and Pirate balloons.

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While he spent his time at party City, I went to Meijer’s to pick up a Cake. Arriving there I saw many exotic cakes, undoubtedly I had some trouble searching for a pirate cake. After 10 minutes of searching I found a perfect Pirate Cake and had my son’s name written on it. The cake had a pirate ship toy and many pirate figures on it, plus candy.

I was glad what I came home with and found Tom already setting things up along with my wife. From then on we worked on setting all the decorations and goodies up. Tom filled the Pinata with many delicious treats of all sorts. From there the guests kept arriving. Finally, I had the Pinata set up and hanging. The group all pitched in to create pirate lanterns, but all of the sudden I forgot something very important. HIS PRESENT!

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With only 2 hours to spare, I drove a half an hour to Toys R US and picked up the entire LEGO pirates of the Caribbean assortment. And drove back.

The decorations were almost complete. Me and my wife wrapped the several presents and Grandpa Howe set up the balloons. Finally, the last of the guests came, mainly consisting of his friends and relatives and cousins. Everyone brought presents in. The guests all talked and had a great time, with only 5 minutes until my son was here.

Then I was given a call by Grandma. She said they are only 2 minutes away. All the guests began to hide and the confetti mesh was set. The mechanism was used to drop confetti on opening the door. As soon as the door opened the confetti danced around him and he chuckled with excitement.

With a chorus of people, we all shouted surprise! The light flicked on and everyone said happy birthday. All of the folks gathered around the table in which my son sat and sang to him loudly.

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Everyone at the party was thrilled and had a good time. The children enjoyed bashing the pinata and eating candy. My son had a great time opening the presents.

Submitted by Sam Parker

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