Pizza party birthday theme

by admin on October 8, 2012

Pizza party birthday theme

When a person is going to arrange a birthday party then there are many themes to arrange it but the most important thing is to select a right theme according to the age of the birthday boy or birthday girl. Kids love to eat pizza so, for the children under 12 years, pizza party birthday theme is good.

The supplies for pizza themed birthday are easily available in the market that you can use in the party for the decoration. The disposable plates made like a whole pizza are present in the stores for the parties; Tissues are also available with pizza printed on them.

As you know that a birthday party is incomplete without balloons so, for a pizza party birthday theme you can use the balloons of red and green color. The balloons of these two colors will look perfect for the pizza themed party.

Making a cake for pizza party is very easy at home; you just have to bake a simple cake and then decorate the topping with creams of different colors. Make the pizza sauce on the cake with red color, cheese with white or off-white color, olives with black, tomato with red and bell pepper with green color. You can also give order for the cake if you don’t have enough time to prepare it at home.

pizza birthday party

Send unique invitations to all the guests. A very unique idea for pizza party birthday theme invitations that you can order to print is make the border of the paper like a box of pizza with a pizza coming out from one side of it. A man holding pizza printed on one side of the paper and on the other side you can write the name of the guest to want to invite.


The invitation is the best way to tell your guests about the theme that you have selected for the birthday party.

In the menu, pizza is must as it is a pizza themed party. Other than that you can also arrange snacks and hot dogs. Arrange some soft drinks for the kids. Arrange everything related to the party. Always remember that birthday parties are for kids to have fun so, don’t forget to arrange some games for them.

There are many different games that can be played at a pizza themed birthday party and one of which is pizza topping cook off. This game is very interesting, make two teams and give them pizza crust with the topping material like cheese olives, sauce, mushrooms. Set a time limit and tell both teams to make a pizza. The team with delicious pizza wins. Another game is box folding race, in this the teams have to fix the unfold pizza boxes. The team with more fixed boxes in a specific time limit wins the game.


For a pizza party birthday theme favors are must and the favors must be related to the theme so, everyone can never forget that superb birthday party. You can order the cookies of mustache shape. These Italian pizza chef mustache cookies are perfect to give. The pizza chef hat shaped cookies are also great as these also suit the pizza party birthday theme.

The other things that can be included in the favors are old fashioned bottles of coke. If the pizza themed party is arranged for an adult birthday party then you can also give the ingredients of pizza so, that they can easily make pizza at home.

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