Planning A Spa Birthday Party For Your Daughter

by admin on September 23, 2012

Every time we celebrate our birthday, we always want everything to turn out fine and make it memorable and worth cherishing. At the same time, we also want to pamper ourselves as though we live like a queen or a king.

The same feeling goes when your daughter is celebrating her birthday. You don’t want anything for the wondrous moment but the best! And now that you’re thinking a lot of ideas about creating a lovely, unforgettable birthday party for your kid, a Spa Birthday Party comes across your mind and you just think it’s the best idea in the world.

It does not mean that if a person is still young, she is not entitled to be pampered. Of course not. It’s actually during childhood that you have to do a lot of things just to please and pamper your child in a way that suits her. It’s this way that you’re making her feel important and special.

In a Spa Birthday Party, you are not just organizing a party that makes your kid happy. You are pampering your child because it’s his or her birthday and you want everything to be perfect. Now, just hearing the theme Spa Makeover Birthday Party, excitement is the number one thing that comes up in your mind. Well, while everyone loves to be pampered, it’s a certain thing they are going to enjoy the night!

spa birthday party

What’s in a spa makeover party, anyway? Children, especially girls aging eleven above already find this party enjoyable and fun. It is this age that they find models and actresses in the televisions admirable and beautiful and they try to imitate them. So, if your child already ages eleven, a spa makeover party is a good idea to make her dream of being a star comes true.

How do you plan for it?

First, what comes through your mind is about the theme of the spa makeover party. There are varieties of choices you can actually consider in choosing a perfect theme for the celebration. Some of these are; Glamour parties, Hollywood parties, Salon Sleepover parties, Fashionista parties and a lot more. With this set of choices, you don’t have for sure any difficulty in turning everything great.


When you finally choose the theme, lots of ideas then follow and you are almost ready to hit the night with the guests coming over. But who will be the guests, anyway?

Your child’s friends are probably those kids who have the same age bracket with your kid. You invite them and let them act like pampered guests together with the celebrant. In this party theme, it is advisable to invite around five to ten children guests.

What are the spa party ideas?


First, the name spa should be put to use. Everyone should be spoiled with a free massage, a foot and hair spa, and manicure or pedicure. Now, aren’t they looking cute with that adult-thingy pampering?

Second, because you want everyone being pampered during the party, everyone behind are serviced with makeover. You can either hire a make-up artist to do the makeover or let anyone around put make-up on anyone and there, everyone finds this whole thing fun!

In a Spa Birthday Party, everything is done easily. You don’t need to plan a lot. You just have to make everyone—most especially your daughter, enjoy and have a lot of fun.

So, have a pampering Spa Makeover Birthday Party!


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