Pokemon Birthday Party Ideas

by admin on May 13, 2013

You are planning for your child’s birthday party. He requests for a Pokemon themed party. You have no idea what a Pokemon party looks like, much less how to organize one. Here are some Pokemon birthday party ideas you can try for your party:

Pokemon Birthday Party Invitations

There are many sites online that offer different invitation layouts that can be customized for free. There are some that showcase the different Pokemon characters, their training masters and the most popular character, Pikachu.

You can also use catchy Pokemon phrases like “I Choose You… to come to my party!” or “You are welcome to join Jason as he trains to become a Pokemon master”.

Print these on cardstock and mail to family and friends. Include the party details like address of the venue and time of the party. If you feel that the venue is not that familiar to everybody, include a simple map and have cute pokemon characters show them the way to the party.


Pokemon Birthday Party Decorations

Banners and posters containing different Pokemon characters can be bought at your local gift shop. You can also opt to print your own. You can decorate with the usual colorful party balloons, or you can choose to use only white and red to represent the poke balls.

Cute mylar balloons featuring Pikachu and his other Pokemon friends can be used as table centerpieces. Paper cups and paper plates containing the Pokemon characters can also be bought at local grocery stores or party shops. You can also cut out little circles, color them red and white on each sphere and use this as name tags for the party. You can also order special themed cakes featuring Pokemon characters.

pokemon birthday party ideas

Pokemon Birthday Party Games

In keeping with the Pokemon theme, you can just use old tried and tested games and give it a little twist. For example, instead of Pin The Tail On The Donkey, you can play Pin the Pokemon, where all the participants are given Pokemon stickers and asked to stick these stickers on a big red and white poke ball on the wall.

The one who sticks the sticker nearest the innermost circle of the poke ball wins. You can also try Team Rocket Hide and Seek, where the moderator will hide Pokemon toys or cards all over the party grounds and members of team rocket will try to go and find them.

Finders will get to keep the items as the prize. If you don’t have that big an area to play in, you can just play “Name That Pokemon” where there will be two teams, and the moderator will describe a certain Pokemon character, its strengths and powers, and the team who names that Pokemon correctly gets a point.

The team who gets the most points win. You can never go wrong with a Pokemon piñata filled with different candies. Give this a twist and fill the piñata with Poke balls containing a number, which then corresponds to a prize.

Pokemon Birthday Party Goody Bags

Prepare Pokemon loot bags with each child’s name on them. Fill them with party goodies like candies, activity books, Pokemon cards and DVDs. You can also customize different candies and chocolate bars by putting different Pokemon stickers on them. If you know your way in the kitchen, you can also make your own candies and lollipops using Pokemon molds available in craft shops and kitchen accessories stores.

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